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My Experience in the Cox School of Business

           I study marketing within the Cox School of Business along with an advertising minor from the Meadows School of the Arts. I’m really enjoying the business curriculum! Now I am starting to focus more on my Marketing degree. I am taking really interesting classes in which I am learning more and more about my field. It really helps to have fantastic professors who take the time to ensure that I understand everything they are teaching to us.
          In one of my favorite classes, I am learning about how pricing affects the consumer’s opinion of a product or brand. It is incredibly important for companies to be able to calculate the right price to sell a product or service. If you don’t do this correctly, then the product might be considered under or overvalued by consumers. I am also learning how to use marketing surveys which can help figure out what consumers desire. This can be very helpful to companies because they can then use this information to predict the needs of the consumers and adjust their business plans accordingly.
          All of these classes that I am taking within the Cox School of Business has given me the tools that I need to ensure that I will be successful with the companies I work for. I have just received an offer to intern with Strop Insights this summer which is just down the road from SMU! I’m incredibly excited to work for such a fast growing company within Dallas. I know that the lessons that my marketing professors have taught to me will be extremely useful while working in my internship this summer. I will be working under other SMU graduates and with current SMU students who happen to be some of my really good friends. It should be an amazing summer!
-Alex Porter

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