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Objection: SMU Mock Trial is WAYY Too Cool!

Mock trial

I compete on the SMU Mock Trial team, a group that travels all over the nation simulating law proceedings and gaining both legal and theatrical experience. As a drama and speech enthusiast in high school, I pounced on the chance to join this nationally ranked team the second that I stepped foot on SMU’s campus as a sophomore. Why? Because it is just way too fun to pass up.

SMU Mock Trial competes with hundreds of universities across the nation. A team of witnesses and  attorneys (all students) are given a legal case, with all relevant  case law, rules of evidence, evidentiary exhibits, and witness affidavits. This year, our criminal case involves two men, a politician and a businessman, each being tried for bribery.

My team travels across the nation—this semester we’ve competed at the College of William and Mary and the University of Pennsylvania. In past semesters, we’ve traveled to Berkeley, Tucson, St. Louis, Tallahassee, Des Moines, Chicago, and New York. Annually, our Open Round Championships take place in Memphis, where we compete in the Shelby County Courthouse (which, interestingly enough is featured in Silence of the Lambs). Our weekends are full of both hard work and great fun— between sweeping the court room in our trial rounds, the Mock Trial team has toured Alcatraz, the United States Capitol, and the St. Louis Arch.

No matter what your interests are, getting involved with an incredible group like the SMU Mock Trial team is one of the key components to having a successful university experience.

Getting involved will help you find your home away from home: I can readily attest that the other Mockers on my team formed my first family here on campus.

-Blair Betik

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