2024 Battle to Save Lives Competition

Dr. Bing presenting at Moody HallStudents in Dr. Eric Bing’s Creating Impact in Global and Public Health class are helping city transportation planners by offering some well-thought-out options on Dallas’ hike and bike trails.

Teams of undergraduates presented their comprehensive strategies in the ninth Battle to Save Lives, a global and public health case competition. The students’ plans were designed to improve user safety on the proposed Dallas LOOP Bikeway and encourage more involvement in the very diverse neighborhoods connected by the trails.

The goal of the LOOP Bikeway initiative  is to connect 50 miles of existing trails across Dallas, enhance accessibility to cycling and link diverse communities and neighborhoods. The hope is that it will serve as a unified thread across the city. However,  in some instances the plan for the trails presents challenges that require inventive  solutions. The student teams put together thoughtful and innovative proposals to address those challenges and provide answers to the problems.

The judges carefully considered each proposal, asked questions and offered feedback to each team. The South Dallas Community Strategy was won by Team Engage South Dallas. The Katy Trail Alternate Route challenge was won by Team Two Wheels, report One Vision.

Throughout the semester, undergraduates developed skills in public health leadership through hands-on training, classroom engagement, and interactive competitions. Many students hope to pursue careers where they can apply their knowledge to real-world public health challenges.

For the complete story and details on the teams, judges and outcomes visit https://bit.ly/4buEuMo.

One of four teams of undergraduates presenting plan for increasing community engagement and user safety along the proposed Dallas LOOP BikewayOne of four teams presenting project












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