Perspective Magazine Perspective Magazine Summer 2020

Friends We Will Miss

We remember all those who have gone before us this past year and pray they dwell forever with the Lord.

The Rev. Thomas B. Adams (M.Th. ‘58)

Dr. Earl E. Allen (M.Th. ‘63)

Dr. John F. Allen, Sr. (M.Th. ‘54, D.Min. ‘89)

The Rev. Dr. Donald R. Benton (D.Min.’74)

The Rev. Cecil C. Bliss (M.Th. ‘59)

The Rev. Edward C. Blythe, Jr. (M.Th. ‘60)

The Rev. William B. Boyett (M.Th. ‘72)

The Rev. Leighanne Brechin (M.Div. ‘95)

The Rev. Frederick S. Bunyan (M.S.M. ‘72)

Mr. Charles A. Camp (M.Th. ‘62)

The Rev. James W. Campbell (M.Th. ‘52)

The Rev. Tony G. Campbell (M.Th. ‘63)

Dr. William R. Chace (M.Th. ‘73)

The Rev. Glenn A. Chambers (M.Th. ‘59)

Mr. Richard L. Clemans (M.Th. ‘52)

The Rev. Braxton L. Combs (M.Th. ‘56)

Dr. Bob Darrell (M.Th. ‘59)

The Rev. Dr. Francoise Olive Davis (M.Div. ‘91)

The Rev. Paul D. Davis (M.Th. ‘55, M.A. ‘56)

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth M. Dickson (M.Th. ‘58, D.Min. ‘75)

Mrs. Linda H. Fields (M.R.E. ‘58)

The Rev. Martha Frances (M.Div. ‘99)

Mr. Byron E. Franklin, Jr. (M.S.M. ‘67)

Dr. Guy D. Garrett (M.Th. ‘59)

Mr. George P. Germany (M.Th. ‘53)

Mr. Wilton J. Goodwin (M.Th. ‘54)

The Rev. Kenneth B. Green (M.Div. ‘97)

Patrick E. Green, Ph.D. (M.Th. ‘61)

The Rev. Leon Grissom (M.Th. ‘62)

Mr. Justin P. Harder (M.Th. ‘58)

The Rev. James W. Hardwick (M.Th. ‘64)

The Rev. Glenneth A. Harrington (M.Th. ‘57)

The Rev. Dr. Harry A. Harrington, Jr. (M.Th. ‘65)

Mr. Frederick M. Holt, Jr. (M.Th. ‘58)

Mansfield E. Hunt, Chaplain (M.Th. ‘55)

The Rev. Charles D. Hutchins (B.A. ‘50)

Mr. Philip H. Jackman (M.Th. ‘67)

The Rev. John C. Johnson (M.Th. ‘50)

Mr. Travis E. Jordan (M.Th. ‘56, M.Div. ‘70)

The Rev. Clarence W. Kidd (M.Th. ’80)

The Rev. T. Irving King, Jr. (M.Th. ‘55)

Mrs. Patty B. Kirby (M.R.E. ‘56)

The Rev. Robert E. Langley (M.Th.’59)

Mrs. Dena Lewis (M.R.E. ‘65)

Dr. Timothy D. Maxwell (M.T.S. ‘83)

Dr. John M. Miller (Ph.D. ‘76)

Dr. James W. Moore
(Former Perkins Executive Board Member)

Dr. Russell R. Moore (D.Min. 95)

The Rev. Ron R. Morris (M.Th. ‘60)

The Rev. Donald D. Murphy (M.Th. ‘63)

The Rev. Priscilla Wood Neaves (Th.M. ‘85)

The Rev. M. Christy Oetting (M.Th. ‘59)

Dr. Darrell P. Patton (M.Th. ‘56)

The Rev. Earl A. Perry (M.Th. ‘46)

Dr. James E. Pledger (Master of Sacred Theology ‘77)

Dr. Larry G. Pleimann (M.Th. ‘61)

Mr. Milton C. Propp (M.Th. ‘56)

The Rev. C. V. Pruitt (M.Th. ‘73)

The Rev. George C. Purvis, Jr. (M.Th. ‘67)

Mrs. Ruth E. Riley (M.R.E. ‘53)

The Rev. Charles D. Saviers (M.Th. ‘59)

The Rev. Robert E. Scoggin, Sr. (M.Th. ‘54)

Dr. J. W. Sellers (M.Th. ‘60)

The Rev. Robert R. Sewell (M.Th. ‘64)

The Rev. Edwin T. Silliman (M.Div. ‘60)

Mr. Jack S. Singleton (M.Th. ‘66)

Dr. George M. Small (M.Th. ‘52)

The Rev. Dr. Bart Smith, Jr. (M.Th. ‘65, D.Min. ‘91)

Mr. Kermit W. Smith (M.Th. ‘56)

Rev. Vernon Snider (M.Th. ’53)

The Rev. Dr. Lycurgus M. Starkey (M.Th. ‘51)

Mr. David E. Stephens (M.Th. ‘63)

The Rev. Christy L. Summers (M.Div. ‘95)

The Rev. Karl L. Swain (M.Th. ‘53)

Ms. Billie J. Tate (M.Div. ‘94)

The Rev. Roger H. Templeton (M.Div. ‘93)

Mr. Thomas W. Tiehel (M.S.M. ‘89)

Mr. Abel Vega (M.Th. ‘69)

The Rev. Dr. R. F. Wicker, Jr. (M.Th. ‘55)

The Rev. Buist B. Wilson (M.Th. ‘54)

Mr. Weldon E. Wink (M.Th. ‘63

Dr. Richard E. Worringham (M.Th. ‘73)