• Letter from the Dean

    Letter from the Dean

    The mission of Perkins is “to equip persons for faithful leadership and Christian ministry in a changing church and society; to educate those seeking a deeper understanding of the Christian faith; and to strengthen the church, academy and world through service, scholarship and advocacy.” Perkins is serious about the broad welcome implied in our mission […]

  • Codex Sassoon

    Codex Sassoon

    Thousands of people flocked to Bridwell Library for three days in April to view the Codex Sassoon, one of the most important and influential works of global religious and cultural history. More than one thousand years old, the codex is the earliest and most complete Hebrew Bible. Carbon-dating indicates it was created in the 10th […]

  • Perkins Summit for Faith and Learning

    Perkins Summit for Faith and Learning

    Another successful Perkins Summit for Faith and Learning is in the books. This year’s event took place March 24-25, with 77 registrants from five states and seven United Methodist Annual Conferences in attendance. Formerly Perkins School for the Laity, the annual program features a wide range of theological mini-courses for an expanded audience of laypersons, […]