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A Message from Dean Hill: Ode to Joy

There is a sweetness to this time of year that I began to feel again last evening. I was walking on the SMU campus about dusk, and I was met along the way by memories that came with unexpected vividness. The warm air, the amber light, the slight breeze: I was taken back to an autumn evening as a young [...]

Office of Enrollment Management

The Rev. Dr. Margot Perez-Greene, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Enrollment Management In the fall of 2017, we began reorganizing and establishing the Office of Enrollment Management (OEM). Responsible for recruitment, admission and financial aid services, the OEM was restructured by recommendations from the Perkins Engagement Team. In the second phase of the reorganization, we decided to assign a new title to the recruiters: Ministry Discernment Associate (MDA), a distinctive title that would more accurately describe their role. In the [...]

November 6, 2019|

Office of Development

Perkins School of Theology is in the third year of a special University-wide effort called Pony Power.  That initiative endeavors to fortify our educational efforts by raising “current use” funds.  These are funds that can be expended during the same academic year in which they are received.  This effort is vital to the renewed strength of Perkins. We have set the goal for Perkins at $7.1 million over the next three years.  I am happy to report that we have [...]

November 6, 2019|

Latest News from Bridwell Library

Bridwell Quill - Latest Note, September - October 2019 Read the update from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia.   Bridwell Quill - Latest Note, May - August 2019 Read the update from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia. Bridwell Quarterly – Summer 2019 The fourth issue of The Bridwell Quarterly completes the first annual cycle of publishing, and includes a note from Bridwell Library Director, Anthony Elia, passages and experiences of staff, a reflection on the library's current state of change, and many [...]

November 6, 2019|

Advent Worship

When members of the Perkins community gather in the Perkins Chapel for Advent Worship on Thursday, December 5, at 6 p.m., they will be marking three milestones: the 60th anniversary of Perkins’ Master of Sacred Music program, the 80th anniversary of the Seminary Singers, and the 60th anniversary of the Advent service itself. Advent was first celebrated in Perkins Chapel in 1959, a tradition continued every year since. The worship will follow the classic Lessons and Carols format, with five [...]

November 6, 2019|

Perkins Prepares for ATS Accreditation Site Visit in February 2020

Perkins School of Theology is up for reaccreditation with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in 2020. That involves an extensive two-year process of self-study and peer review that is required once each decade to maintain Perkins’ ATS accreditation. But O. Wesley Allen, Jr., the faculty member who’s spearheading the reaccreditation process, says it’s more than just jumping through a series of institutional hoops. The process became an opportunity for all members of the Perkins community to reflect and look [...]

November 6, 2019|

AAR-SBL Annual Meetings

When the world's largest gathering of scholars interested in the study of religion gathers November 23-26 in San Diego, members of the Perkins and SMU communities will be well-represented.  The 2019 Annual Meetings, hosted by the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature, will feature more than 1,000 academic sessions, workshops, meetings, receptions, tours and other events. Some 10,000 attendees are expected; the Annual Meetings offer unparalleled opportunities to engage with leading scholars and scholarship within the field [...]

November 6, 2019|
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