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Perspective Magazine Summer 2020 Issue

The 2020 issue of Perspective Magazine, “How Should We Think About the Bible?” explores how students’ understanding of the Bible has expanded at Perkins;  the richness of Bridwell Library’s Biblical collections (with illustrations throughout the magazine from Bridwell’s special collections);  reflections from Perkins Biblical scholars on the joys and challenges of teaching the Bible to theology students; and an essay from Dean [...]

Letter from the Dean

The Latin phrase homo unius libri (a “person of one book”) is first attributed to Thomas Aquinas, among others, but it is most closely associated, at least for Methodists, with John Wesley. Of course, Wesley himself was exceptionally well read, including in areas such as medicine, travel, biography and poetry. Nevertheless, the Bible held a unique and primary place in his thinking. The same is true for us at Perkins. That is not to say that studying the Bible is [...]

June 22, 2020|

Thinking About the Bible – My Story

By Dean Craig C. Hill How should we think about the Bible? Our answer to that question is foundational to a great many other questions and so is deserving of serious attention. During my freshman year of high school, the evangelist Leighton Ford conducted a crusade at our local armory, one result of which was the founding of a Christian coffeehouse called The Lighter Side of Darkness. “Lighter Side” was a perfect early-70s period piece, complete with purple walls, cushions [...]

June 22, 2020|

Bible Stories: Students Share How Their Understanding of the Bible Expanded

Each of us brings our own story to the reading of the Bible. Perkins students are no different. They come to Perkins from a range of backgrounds, as Bible newbies or longtime students of Scripture. Most evolve in their views of the Bible during their theology studies. We invited several students to reflect on their journeys with the Bible at Perkins; here are their stories. Sarah Bilaye-Benibo Master of Sacred Music student Pentecostal St. Louis, Missouri Coming from a very [...]

June 22, 2020|

The Gift of Giving

As you read this issue of Perspective, and if you resonate with the kind of education offered at Perkins School of Theology, please join us in making Perkins more affordable for students. We want to make a Perkins education within reach of every qualified student who applies. God continues to call women and men to ministry in a multiplicity of forms. As our partners, who care about trained clergy and laity, please remember that you can help in a variety [...]

June 22, 2020|

Faculty Roundtable: Teaching the Bible to Theology Students

Consider the daunting task facing teachers of the Bible: helping modern students understand how an ancient text speaks to the world today. Perkins students come from a range of Christian backgrounds. Some of them are fundamentalists, others are agnostic and many are somewhere in the middle. They enter Perkins from the wider world, where some dismiss the Bible as entirely irrelevant and others insist each word must be honored as literal truth. We asked Perkins’ Bible scholars to reflect on [...]

June 22, 2020|

Bridwell’s Special Collections – Special Indeed

R. ARVID NELSEN Rare Books & Manuscripts Librarian Bridwell Library Perkins School of Theology *View the magazine spread with images here. On a sunny summer afternoon in 2016, I escorted a patron into the Special Collections Reading Room to see a fragment of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. This fragment of ancient Greek text, written by hand on papyrus, was encapsulated in glass and lying on a gray foam support. It dated from the 6th century A.D. and had been [...]

June 22, 2020|
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