February 2021

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Bridwell Quill – Latest Note, November – December 2021 Read the update from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia. Bridwell Quarterly – Fall 2021 The thirteenth issue of The Bridwell Quarterly includes a note from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia, reflecting on the past few months; a story about the newly renamed Center for Methodist Studies at Bridwell Library; a tribute to Ian Tyson; a staff profile; and many more topics we hope you'll enjoy. Click to read the Fall 2021 [...]

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A Message from the Dean: Religion & Government – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

One of several images from the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th that I’ll never forget is that of a person entering the breached door holding aloft a Bible for the cameras. One did not have to look hard to find evidence that numerous other participants saw their actions that day as divinely sanctioned. Who could miss, for example, the “Jesus Saves,” “In God We Trust,” and “God and Guns” signs, not to mention the large wooden [...]

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Office of Enrollment Management: February Update

Meet Our Current Perkins Student Ambassadors By Margot Perez-Greene The Perkins Graduate Student Ambassador Program was established so that current students could serve in the recruitment process by working closely with the Ministry Discernment Associates (MDA) in the Office of Enrollment Management (OEM). Under the guidance of the MDA’s, the participating Ambassadors connect with prospects through various on and off campus events administered by the Office of Enrollment Management. Ambassadors provide personal insights into the application process, the Perkins [...]

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Office of Development: Let’s Talk About Financial Aid

Back in the Dark Ages, when I was in graduate school, I was able to work part-time during the school year and full-time in the summer and mostly pay for my education.  I must admit, most of my jobs were at or near minimum wage, yet it was still possible to achieve my goal of debt-free education. Those days are long gone.  Minimum wage has not kept up with inflation nor with the cost of higher education.  We can [...]

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James Lee Receives Distinguished Teaching Professor Award

Jim Lee’s online D. Min. class was interrupted unexpectedly on January 13. The surprise: SMU Provost Elizabeth G. Loboa “Zoom-bombed” the class to present Lee with the Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor Award. Pamela Hogan, his neighbor in Selecman Hall and coordinator of doctoral programs at Perkins, then presented him with a medal and plaque. Dr. James Kang Hoon Lee is associate professor of the History of Early Christianity and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program and has been [...]

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Seals Laity Award

Perkins School of Theology announces the 2021 recipients of the Woodrow B. Seals Laity Award: Kirk Franklin, a Grammy-award winning gospel artist and member of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship; Nancy Seay, a philanthropist and elder of Highland Park Presbyterian Church (HPPC); and Lisa Tichenor, an active community leader and lay member of Highland Park United Methodist Church (HPUMC). Along with Mary White, the 2020 Seals Award recipient, the three will be honored during the online worship service for Perkins [...]

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Emergency Aid: Luce Grant Brings Relief

A church was able to distribute food boxes, face masks and free COVID-19 testing to undocumented neighbors hardest hit by the pandemic. A free medical clinic was able to safely resume in-patient appointments, after installing plexiglass shields and other safety equipment. An interfaith nonprofit was able to help 88 families with emergency utility and rent assistance. These urgent needs – and many more -- were met thanks to an emergency grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, in partnership with [...]

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Baptist House of Studies

Two new developments promise an even richer experience for Baptist students attending Perkins School of Theology in the coming years. First, the Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation recently approved a grant of $300,000 for the Baptist House of Studies at Perkins School of Theology.  On January 25, the Faculty Senate at Perkins approved a new Baptist Concentration for M.Div. students wishing to focus in this area. “The grant will be used primarily for student scholarships and will allow [...]

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Something in the Water

Four hundred years ago, there was something in the water. It was us. Kidnapped from the mother continent… There was something in the water that caused the lynching of black and brown bodies… Peer into the water. Do you see it? Looks like mass incarceration. Looks like children in cages. Peer into the water. Do you see it? Looks toxic water in Flynt. Looks like nine black bodies bombarded by bullets in a Bible study. There’s something in the [...]

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Spiritual Medicine

As a spiritual psychologist, Jana Rentzel sees many people whose spirits are troubled, buffeted by the usual challenges of life as well as the events of the past year -- the pandemic, political turmoil, racial injustices.  Having graduated from the Perkins Certificate in Spiritual Direction program in 2019, Rentzel says, she’s better equipped to help. “The program allowed me to become much more skilled in understanding and addressing a client’s current orientation in terms of their own spiritual journey [...]

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