March 2019

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Bridwell Quill – Latest Note, November – December 2021 Read the update from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia. Bridwell Quarterly – Fall 2021 The thirteenth issue of The Bridwell Quarterly includes a note from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia, reflecting on the past few months; a story about the newly renamed Center for Methodist Studies at Bridwell Library; a tribute to Ian Tyson; a staff profile; and many more topics we hope you'll enjoy. Click to read the Fall 2021 [...]

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A Message from Dean Hill: On Grace

What makes life together possible? One answer is law. Unquestionably, there is truth to that response. I am grateful for civil authorities who enforce just statutes. As they say, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Legal boundaries protect us from predatory behavior and help to curb our own self-centered instincts. Would I obey speed suggestions on I-35? Knowing that speed limits are enforced has a salutary effect on my inclination to get where I am going just that much faster. [...]

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A Message from Dean Hill

On February 26, 2019, the Special Session of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church adopted the “Traditional Plan,” which continues to exclude “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” from ordained ministry and prohibits clergy from officiating at same-sex weddings. This decision has given birth to a great many uncertainties, but at least one thing is absolutely clear:  it in no way changes our institution’s historic stance of inclusion. From its inception, Perkins School of Theology has sought to serve the whole, undivided church, [...]

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Office of Enrollment Management

I’m often asked, “What is enrollment management?” Here is a broad explanation of the term and its components as practiced in the Office of Enrollment Management (OEM) at Perkins. Rev. Dr. Margot Perez-Greene Associate Dean of Enrollment Management Enrollment management was first conceived in college admissions offices in the 1970s to address a projected decline in enrollment. By the late 1980s, the concept had grown to include all of the functions necessary to attract and retain students. [...]

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Office of Development: The Importance of Student Scholarships

We all know that education is important. As the cost continues to rise, some sobering facts have emerged: Average student loan debt for the American college graduating class of 2017 was $39,400, up six percent from the previous year. Americans owe more than $1.48 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among 44 million borrowers. That’s about $620 billion more than the total U.S. credit card debt. Most graduates from Perkins, or any theological seminary, do not enter high-paying [...]

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Spanish-language Th.M. Continues

Perkins School of Theology – Southern Methodist University will offer a Spanish-language Master of Theology (Th.M.) degree to a second cohort of students beginning in the fall of 2019. Once selected, the next group will follow the same path as the first cohort of seven students, who began in the fall of 2017 and will graduate in May. Perkins is the only institution in the United States offering this type of program. Read the full release here.

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2019 Bolin Family Public Life Personal Faith Scholarship Luncheon

As featured guest for the 2019 Bolin Family Public Life Personal Faith Scholarship Luncheon, Judy Woodruff shared how her personal faith informs her work in the public arena, as anchor and managing editor of PBS NewsHour. “I don’t talk about my faith on television; it’s not part of my job, but it does inform who I am, and it certainly does inform my work,” Woodruff said. Woodruff was interviewed by Peggy Wehmeyer, former religion correspondent for ABC World News [...]

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2019 Woodrow B. Seals Laity Award

John M. Esquivel was named recipient of the 2019 Woodrow B. Seals Laity Award, honoring a U.S. layperson for service to Christ in the church, community and world. Esquivel is a member of First United Methodist of Houston. Elected in 2016 as Lay Leader for the Texas Annual Conference, he serves actively on the Bishop’s Extended Cabinet. Esquivel will be recognized on March 28 during the opening worship service of the three-day Perkins Theological School for the Laity. Read [...]

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Student Update

Although Katie Pryor M.Div. ’19 won’t graduate until May, her career is well underway. She recently began her new role in the North Texas Conference as the executive director of GO Camp, a program of summer and year-round camping that complements the current camping and retreat ministry offerings of the conference, reaches underserved communities and provides new opportunities to develop young leaders. Pryor sat down with conference staff to discuss her background and vision for GO Camp; read the [...]

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Student Spotlight: Hannah Cruse

Hannah Cruse was still in high school when she landed her first position as music director at a church. “I attended a Presbyterian church in my small hometown in Arkansas,” she said. “Almost everyone there was of retirement age, including the organist.” When the organist retired, Cruse learned how to play the organ and stepped in. By the end of high school, she was the church’s music director. “That was a formative experience that sparked a love for sacred [...]

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