April 2022

Letter from the Dean: The (Seeming) Paradox of an Educated Clergy

Christianity is a religion of paradox. Material creation is good but somehow fallen; the meek inherit the earth; one finds one’s life by losing it; the reign of God is both present and future; believers are free and yet bound; justice is wedded to mercy; Jesus is both human and divine. In Christian theology, truth is not found in the middle, as though by compromise. It is found instead in the tension between two equal but seemingly competing truths. [...]

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Office of Enrollment Management Update: April 2022

In the Last Stretch of Recruitment… Our team is acutely aware of its own call: to recruit students for the transformation of the world. We realize that when God places a call on one’s life, it is nothing to take lightly. Thus, we respond swiftly to those prospective students who are inquiring as well as those admitted to Perkins. We recognize the decision to attend Perkins often turns the newly admitted student’s world upside down.  Nurturing our admitted students [...]

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War in Ukraine

Note: Names and other identifying details of the Ukrainian students and participants are omitted at their request, to protect their safety. “Our daily lives have been shattered into hundreds of pieces.” That’s how one Ukrainian student described the situation in Ukraine, speaking during a March 11 Zoom conversation that brought together students from around the world. The virtual gathering was organized by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies (IEE) at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv as a “bridge of [...]

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  • Members of the Perkins immersion trip visited Equipo Maiz, an organization focused on literacy and education of Salvadorans on issues of ecology, gender identity and economic development

El Salvador Immersion

Hal Recinos, Professor of Church and Society, often tells his students: “If we want to live our lives awake in the Gospel, stay close to human suffering.” By the end of this year’s Spring Break, a dozen Perkins students understood that clearly, after traveling with Recinos and host Edwin Pineda for a week in El Salvador. The group visited San Salvador and the Department (region) of Morazán, meeting with leaders of human rights and advocacy groups seeking justice for [...]

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2022 Perkins Summit for Faith and Learning

Perkins Summit draws attendees from around the nation for Bible study and more In an impassioned lecture, Angela Gorrell reminded the audience: Joy matters. Gorrell presented the keynote lecture at the 2022 Perkins Summit for Faith and Learning, Friday and Saturday, March 25-26 at the Dallas campus of Perkins. Some 55 people from nine states attended the annual event, with virtual attendees joining from as far away as Alaska, California and North Carolina. In addition to the Friday night [...]

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2022 Bolin Family Perkins Scholarship Luncheon is a Success

Not only did Perkins’ annual fundraising luncheon return to its usual in-person format in 2022 — the event was a rousing success. The Bolin Family Perkins Scholarship Luncheon took place on March 17 in the Martha Proctor Mack Ballroom.  (Last year’s event, with speaker David Brooks of The New York Times, took place virtually.) “This was the most financially successful Bolin Family Scholarship Luncheon in the history of the series,” said John Martin, Director of Development for Perkins. “Every [...]

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Tate-Wilson Lecture

Many diversity initiatives in universities fail — because they strive for more equitable representation, but not justice, according to Jonathan Tran. “University diversity efforts at best make racial capitalism more diverse,” said Tran. “This grants the appearance of justice but as we should know by now the appearance of justice often means injustice.” With that provocative assertion, Tran opened the 2022 Tate-Wilson Lecture, titled “Why University Diversity Initiatives Fail and Some Less Than Modest Proposals for How They Might [...]

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Video Message from the Dean, Part 4

In this video message, Craig C. Hill, Dean of Perkins School of Theology, talks about an essential component of preparation for ministry: faith — “the faith that grounds us, the faith that prioritizes our life, the faith that tells us who we are at our core.” He recalls the words of Jesus: If you want to find your life, you need to lose it for the Gospel. “That's what Christian ministry is all about,” he said. “Giving yourself to [...]

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Student Spotlight: Ally Stokes

When Ally Stokes came to Perkins, she said, “I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was going to do.” She’s still not certain what’s next, but the Master of Theological Studies degree has been the right place for this season of exploration. “That’s the joy of the M.T.S. — it’s the ‘choose your own adventure’ of degrees,” she said. “There are lots of opportunities to explore things that are intriguing to you.” Stokes, who is originally from England, [...]

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Alumna Profile: Dodee Crockett

Dodee Crockett: Serving the kingdom by helping clients steward their money faithfully Dodee Frost Crockett (M.T.S. ‘03) was a financial advisor when she began her Perkins education. Today, she’s still a financial advisor, serving as Managing Director at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Dallas — and more certain than ever that she chose the right path. “One of the unexpected blessings of being a theology student was reaffirming that being a wealth advisor was a calling for me, and [...]

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