October 2018

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Bridwell Quill – Latest Note, November – December 2021 Read the update from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia. Bridwell Quarterly – Fall 2021 The thirteenth issue of The Bridwell Quarterly includes a note from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia, reflecting on the past few months; a story about the newly renamed Center for Methodist Studies at Bridwell Library; a tribute to Ian Tyson; a staff profile; and many more topics we hope you'll enjoy. Click to read the Fall 2021 [...]

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Ministry Dallas: Connects Perkins Students, Staff With Needs of Broader Community

By Mary Jacobs Theological education usually means listening and learning in a classroom or studying in a library. But sometimes it might mean getting your hands dirty: milking goats, shoveling dirt, worshipping in a drum circle, or cleaning out a supply closet. That was how 11 members of the Perkins community - seven students and four staff -- began the Fall 2018 semester, with Ministry Dallas, a program that took participants to three different outreach ministries for three [...]

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A Message from Dean Craig C. Hill

The fall semester is underway, autumn is upon us and it’s an exciting time to be at Perkins! Our enrollment has increased for the second year in a row—up 14.1% from 2017—the campus is abuzz with energetic students, faculty and staff and our programs are impacting Christian leaders around the world. Indeed, Perkins is living out the vision of being “an academy for the whole church in the whole world.” Join me for a comprehensive Perkins update via the [...]

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Introducing the Perkins Development Office

When you think of the Development Office, you probably think “fundraising,” which is certainly a big part of what we do. Our role is to raise endowment, capital, and annual gifts for the benefit of Perkins School of Theology. We are pleased to have a wonderful group of regular donors and invite all to join in this important effort. But it’s not just about money. We also believe that Perkins will have its biggest impact when we help to [...]

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Office of Enrollment Management Update

We are excited to announce that for the second year in a row, enrollment at Perkins has increased significantly!  In fall 2018, Perkins experienced a 14.1% increase over the previous year—building on 2017 totals, when the increase was more than 40% over 2016.  This is an exciting time to be at Perkins! Who are we?  Perkins School of Theology is a vibrant, welcoming community of students, faculty and staff who are called to Christian service. We are diverse, we [...]

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Students Confront Complex Realities at the U.S.-Mexico Border

By Mary Jacobs At the border, you’ll find stories of heartbreak, horror, and occasionally, hope. You’ll meet real heroes, and a few villains, but mostly people who are caught between bigger forces and just trying to survive. What you won’t find are simple solutions. “The complexities of border life are real, often gut-wrenching, and will not easily be solved,” said Becky David Hensley, a Perkins alum. That’s Hensley’s takeaway from an immersion trip to McAllen, Texas as part of [...]

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COSS Classroom/Online Hybrid Offers Flexibility to Local Pastors

By Sam Hodges The Rev. Judy Swarts has done youth and children’s ministry in United Methodist churches for years, but this summer marked her first appointment to lead a church as pastor. She was OK with being away from First United Methodist in Menard, in west Texas, for a week to take Course of Study classes at Perkins. But if it had been two weeks .... “There would have been a disconnect with the congregation,” she said. Thanks to [...]

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Under Construction

Getting around on campus is a little more challenging these days as construction continues on the Perkins campus and nearby buildings. If you’re planning a visit to Perkins this fall, allow a little extra time to park. Look for detailed parking instructions in the invitation for any major scheduled events. Here’s an update on what’s going on: The Hillcrest Parking Center construction project, which encompasses the area along Hillcrest Road between Moore Hall and Martin Hall, is underway and [...]

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Student Spotlight: Christian S. Watkins – Seeking Justice for All

When he was 15, Christian S. Watkins’ family transferred from another congregation to St. Luke “Community” United Methodist Church in Dallas, then under the pastorage of the Rev. Dr. Zan W. Holmes, Jr. It was a transformative moment in his life. “My family just needed a place to grow and St. Luke was that place,” Watkins said. “Zan’s love for the people and for the word were inspiring.” It just seemed natural, when it came time for graduate school, [...]

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Faculty Profile: Ted A. Campbell

Ted Campbell claims the first words of 1 Corinthians 15:3 as his personal mantra: “For what I received I passed on to you.” That’s describes his work as a church historian; Campbell not only studies and teaches history, he passes it on. Widely regarded as the go-to scholar on John Wesley’s letters, Campbell’s academic focus is Christian history, especially Wesleyan and Methodist history. Over the past three years, he’s brought some of that history to bear in critical moment [...]

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