January 2019

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Bridwell Quill – Latest Note, November – December 2021 Read the update from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia. Bridwell Quarterly – Fall 2021 The thirteenth issue of The Bridwell Quarterly includes a note from Bridwell Library Director Anthony Elia, reflecting on the past few months; a story about the newly renamed Center for Methodist Studies at Bridwell Library; a tribute to Ian Tyson; a staff profile; and many more topics we hope you'll enjoy. Click to read the Fall 2021 [...]

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A Message from Dean Hill

Late December/early January is a time to look back and to look forward. This is certainly true for me in the midst of my third year as Dean at Perkins School of Theology. They say it takes about three years to acclimate oneself to a new position and a new location. Indeed, it has begun to seem normal to look out my office window and see the sun shining on the columns of Perkins Chapel and on the trees [...]

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Office of Enrollment Management: Financial Literacy Program

Helping Theology Students Become Financially Savvy Nobody goes into ministry for the money. Most students choose to pursue a seminary education out of a sense of calling.  But when theology school students graduate with heavy debt loads, that can weigh heavily on their ministries. According to a 2014 study by the Center for the Study of Theological Education at Auburn Theological Seminary, more than a quarter of students graduating in 2011 with a Master of Divinity degree had more [...]

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Office of Development: Perkins Scholars

This fall, Perkins welcomed a second cohort of Perkins Scholars.  The Perkins Scholar designation is given to students who have distinguished themselves in their previous studies.  Ten Master of Divinity (M.Div.) students from each entering class make up each year’s cohort. Each Perkins Scholar receives a scholarship totaling $21,000, spread over three years, in addition to any other scholarship awards. In the spring of 2017, the Perkins Executive Board took up the challenge to put this project in motion.  [...]

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Innovative Project Expands Global Theological Education

The book of Acts calls on believers to witness “to the ends of the earth.”  With a new digital platform, Perkins aims to go even further: bringing that witness to and from the ends of the earth. With the Global Theological Education Virtual Visiting Professor project, Perkins is helping create a fully accessible and continually growing library of short classes coming from scholars world-wide and available across the globe. “It’s creating resources from the entire world, to be available [...]

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Houston Lay School of Theology

The annual Houston Lay School of Theology will take place on Saturday, February 16 at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Houston. The program, “Praying with the Desert Fathers and Mothers,” will be led by Tamara Lewis, Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity, Perkins School of Theology. The day-long course invites participants to travel back in time to rediscover the spiritual riches of the ascetic mothers and fathers of the desert, who left mainstream society to devote themselves [...]

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Student Spotlight: Maxwell Urbina

Sometimes, when you’re looking to help someone, you find something for yourself. That’s how Maxwell Urbina ended up a Perkins student. “Initially, I looked into SMU for my brother, who was interested in a career in engineering at the time,” he said.  “And I realized that God was guiding me to Perkins.” In researching SMU, Urbina discovered that Perkins offered the M.Div. degree. A member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, he’d been planning to pursue that degree at Andrews [...]

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Faculty Profile: Alyce M. McKenzie

Alyce McKenzie remembers vividly an image that struck her deeply, in the early days of her career: the look of expectation in the faces of worshippers at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in York, Pa., as she stepped up to the pulpit to begin her sermon. “It was like, ‘Please, sir, can I have some more?’” she said, invoking the iconic scene where Oliver Twist pleads for more food. “There’s this hope that springs eternal. I thought, ‘Surely there’s additional [...]

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Meet the Perkins Scholars

Meet the newest class of Perkins Scholars! These students, who arrived at Perkins in fall 2018, represent the latest cohort in this new scholarship program, which was launched in 2017. The program is geared toward attracting outstanding M.Div. students who have distinguished themselves in their previous studies. The inaugural class of Perkins Scholars entered the community in the fall of 2017, and the third class will begin in the fall of 2019.  A total goal of $630,000 in funding [...]

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Twelve Receive Degrees at December Graduation

Perkins celebrates our newest graduates, who received their diplomas during SMU’s December Commencement Convocation on Saturday, Dec. 15. The 12 graduates include: Amber Rose Oxley Mitts, Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.); Kuppusamy Balasupramaniam, Jacqueline Dean-Shaw, Mark Andrew Hardin, Boon Hwa Lee, Demetrese D. Phillips, Tian Yeow Aaron Tay, Blair Elizabeth Thompson-White and James E. Woods II, Doctor of Ministry degree (D.Min.); and Duk Kun Kim, Darrius Josiah Montgomery and Walter Sithole, Master of Theological Studies degree (M.T.S.) We give [...]

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