October 2021

Letter from Dean Craig Hill – October 2021

I am not surprised that there are disagreements in the church. That has always been the case. What both surprises and dismays me is the manner in which so many disagree­ments are conducted. In the sermon published last month’s Perspective, I contrasted the misleading—even blatantly dishonest̶—tactics common to today’s political rhetoric with the example of Jesus. Most disturbing is the extent to which those same strategies have come to dominate discourse within American Protestantism broadly and within my own [...]

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A Modest Proposal, Part 2: Faithful Disagreement

I am writing by way of follow-up to my sermon “A Modest Proposal: Let’s Tell the Truth About Each Other,” distributed in last month’s online Perspective. (Click here to read the sermon.) In that sermon, I said that people are often tempted, especially in today’s highly polarized culture, to score points by misrepresenting their opponents and even themselves. I would like now to explore that idea further with particular (but not exclusive) reference to The United Methodist Church. If [...]

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Office of Enrollment Management: Nixing “Summer Melt”

Welcome to Our Incoming Classes of Fall 2021 By the Rev. Dr. Margot Perez-Greene Associate Dean of Enrollment Management Join me in welcoming the 55 new master’s students enrolled in the Dallas and Houston-Galveston degree programs! We are especially thankful to have them with us after what was a challenging recruiting season. As with many other institutions of higher learning, recruiting for Perkins School of Theology’s 2021-2022 school year was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although we met our [...]

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Office of Development Update: Perkins Scholars

As I’ve stated in this column in the past, scholarships represent one of the most important uses of funds donated to Perkins School of Theology. Not only do these scholarships aid deserving students, they help Perkins to attract the best and the brightest. As we start a new semester at Perkins School of Theology, we would love to introduce our community to our outstanding group of Perkins Scholars. The Perkins Scholars program provides additional scholarship support to exceptional Master [...]

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Perkins Fall Convocation: Speak Up! Keynote Speakers

Perkins Fall Convocation An amazing lineup filled awaits attendees at the Perkins Fall Convocation, November 15-16, 2021. With the theme, Speak Up! Stories for a New Day, the hybrid event features storytelling, music, dance, worship, conversation, top-notch resources and riveting speakers.  Attend virtually or in-person at Highland Park United Methodist Church. Visit the event page for more information and to register here. Click the names below to read preview Q&As with each of the Fall Convocation keynote speakers: Amy-Jill [...]

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Q&A with Amy-Jill Levine

Many United Methodists will recognize Amy-Jill Levine from Disciple Bible Studies. A leading expert in New Testament, she is featured in several video segments in the Bible course.  Levine, who is Jewish, doesn’t claim the New Testament as sacred herself, but she enriches Christians’ understanding of the text with insights into Jesus’ Jewish identity. She’ll be speaking at Perkins at the Fall Convocation, which takes place November 15-16 on campus and virtually. Levine is Rabbi Stanley M. Kessler Distinguished Professor [...]

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Q&A with Lillian Daniel

Storytelling is central to the work of the church -- and it’s time to rethink how we tell stories, says the Rev. Lillian Daniel. She’ll talk about that, as one of three keynote speakers slated for the Perkins Fall Convocation, November 15-16, focused on the theme, “Speak Up! Stories for a New Day.” Daniel is senior pastor of First Congregational Church in Dubuque, Iowa, and author of Tired of Apologizing for a Church I Don’t Belong To. That book, [...]

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Q&A with Patrick Reyes

Americans tend to see the “hero’s journey” as a solo expedition. Patrick B. Reyes wants us to rethink that journey as a communal one. He will talk about that as one of three keynote speakers at the Perkins Fall Convocation, November 15-16. Reyes is a Chicano educator, administrator, institutional strategist and author of The Purpose Gap: Empowering Communities of Color to Find Meaning and Thrive. Perkins Perspective interviewed Reyes about his planned topic for the Convocation; here are excerpts. [...]

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Dante Festival @ Bridwell Library

Even though Dante Alighieri died 700 years ago – on September 14, 1321 – his work and his spirit came alive for three days at the Dante Festival, held August 31- September 2 at Bridwell Library on the campus of Perkins and SMU. “Dante still has much to inform us on; just as we have much that we’re still learning about Dante’s work that helps us navigate our world,” said Anthony J. Elia, the festival’s organizer and Director and [...]

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International Students

New and returning international students at Perkins were welcomed over tea and coffee, at the September 14 Community Hour at Perkins (CHAP), Tea Time with the International Students, organized by the Office of Student Life. Seven students from Korea, Kenya, England, Brazil, Canada, Ghana and India shared favorite teas and coffees from their native countries at the gathering of more than 40 Perkins students, faculty and staff. Soohyun Suh, a student from Korea, shared packets of a sweet milk [...]

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