February 2022 News Perspective Online

Center for World Methodism

After nearly four decades, Bridwell Library’s Center for Methodist Studies will be renamed the Center for World Methodism, in order to adapt to an ever-changing world and pay homage to the recent gifts of the World Methodist Museum by the World Methodist Council in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina.

The Center for Methodist Studies at Bridwell Library was established in 1984 to encourage research, study, and reflection upon the Methodist movement, including the sources that influenced its origin, the forces that shaped its development, and the features that determine its character and influence.

Since the Center’s founding nearly four decades ago, the church and world have changed in innumerable ways.  In addition, the 2021 gift and transfer of the World Methodist Museum to Bridwell Library means the role of the existing Center for Methodist Studies has become even more important. As a result, the Center for Methodist Studies housed in Bridwell Library will be renamed the Center for World Methodism (CWM).  Read more on page 4 of the Fall 2021 Issue of the Bridwell Quarterly newsletter.