May 2020 News Perspective Online

Center for Preaching Excellence

The Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence continues to add new resources for church leaders and pastors as they lead virtual worship and gatherings during the pandemic.

For Holy Week, Alyce McKenzie posted a timely blog, “Preaching to an Empty Tomb.” During the quarantine, she writes, many of us awake each day with “a persistent sense of being entombed, shut off from others and struggling to feel the presence of God all day long. There is profound biblical precedent for this feeling.” Read her post here.

In addition, the Center launched a new video series for pastors called “What’s a Preacher to Do?” with wisdom from scholars of various disciplines about preaching during this time. The first episode featured Maria Dixon Hall of SMU and Charles Wood of Perkins.

Check out the library of videos online here.