Changes to Turnitin AI Detection Tool at SMU

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As we constantly adapt to the changes in educational technologies, we have an important update regarding our use of the Turnitin anti-plagiarism tool. Since last year, SMU has been participating in a beta trial of Turnitin’s AI-based anti-plagiarism detection tool. However, as of December 31, 2023, SMU’s temporary license will expire for this specific function of Turnitin due to its extremely limited success and negative track-record. Continue reading Changes to Turnitin AI Detection Tool at SMU

Turnitin Provides New Functionality for AI Detection

Turnitin LogoThe use of artificially intelligent chatbots has quickly proliferated over the past year or so. With ChatGPT and other platforms able to converse naturally and create somewhat accurate content with ease, it’s getting harder to detect what’s been written by an actual person and what’s been concocted by AI services. Turnitin has recognized this new frontier of writing and has recently implemented new features to help faculty separate the real from the robot. Continue reading Turnitin Provides New Functionality for AI Detection

Important Turnitin Update

Turnitin has released a major product upgrade that will soon be available at SMU. The new version of the service, called Turnitin Feedback Studio, offers all the functionalities of Turnitin, but with a simplified, more intuitive interface designed for the modern classroom. Turnitin Feedback Studio will make it faster and easier than ever to promote academic integrity, provide actionable feedback, and evaluate student learning at Southern Methodist University.

Feedback StudioWe plan to upgrade our version of Turnitin to Feedback Studio on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Once upgraded, you can expect to see a new interface when you open up a student’s paper in Turnitin. Your students will also experience this new and improved interface when viewing Similarity Reports and receiving feedback.

To get acquainted with the upgraded Turnitin Feedback Studio and prepare for a successful implementation, you can:

Turnitin: Writing X Tech Virtual Conference

Writing X Tech: The Writing Mindset
turnitin_logo_jpgTurnitin’s Writing X Tech: The Writing Mindset will be April 18-22, 2016 (#writingtech16). This five-day virtual conference hosted by Turnitin will explore how technology affects writing instruction and the student learning experience. Hear techniques and strategies for using digital tools to increase student engagement and improve writing skills.

All sessions are geared for educators, and several are appropriate for students.

Educator attendees of the LIVE sessions will:

  • Receive “certificates of participation”
  • Be eligible to designate one of five (5) $100 gifts toward a project
  • Receive recorded links of the sessions.

Registration is free. Information about this conference can be found on the Turnitin Registration page.