SMU Abroad: Bali, Indonesia

2014-10-21T16:24:27-05:00 Oct 24, 2014|SMU Abroad|

By Sarah Woodruff Last summer (2013) I decided to do something out of my comfort zone and out of the United States. I went and studied in Bali, Indonesia for three weeks with 12 other students. I had an experience of a lifetime and ended up catching the travel bug, which ended in me to [...]

SMU Abroad: The Oxford Experience

2014-10-01T12:13:01-05:00 Sep 22, 2014|SMU Abroad|

By Caroline Gurley This past summer I had the opportunity to study abroad in Oxford, England.  This was one of my greatest memories of college thus far.  I studied in Oxford with around eighty other SMU students and we had a fantastic time.  I took two classes completely outside of my major while I was [...]

Pick a County…Any Country!

2013-10-21T15:38:03-05:00 Oct 28, 2013|SMU Abroad|

  By Taylor Corrigan Studying abroad was always part of my college plans, but once I became a mustang, there was no way I could fathom leaving this amazing school for a whole semester! So instead, I found a way to do both and I studied abroad in the summer. I am a junior this [...]

SMU Abroad: South Africa

2013-09-22T19:35:56-05:00 Sep 18, 2013|SMU Abroad|

By Shannon Conboy If there is one thing I could recommend that you absolutely must do in your four years here at SMU, it is to study abroad. This summer, I had the opportunity to be able to spend the month of June in South Africa with a group of eleven awesome SMU students, and [...]

Bonjour from Paris

2013-09-05T20:07:31-05:00 Aug 17, 2013|SMU Abroad|

By Melody Davis Who wouldn’t want to study under the Eiffel Tower every night? Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite that way, but it was pretty close. This summer I was lucky enough to study for 5 weeks in Paris. Granted, my two SMU classes were still challenging, but what a beautiful city to embrace for [...]

SMU Abroad: The Oxford Experience

2013-08-08T13:43:14-05:00 Aug 2, 2013|SMU Abroad|

By Katelyn Hall Cheerio from Oxford! This summer I am studying abroad at SMU-in-Oxford! I've spent five weeks here in beautiful England, and I am sad to be going home in only a few days. While here, I took two political science classes-- one about European diplomacy and the other about great empires. Both classes [...]

SMU Abroad: Working in London

2013-08-08T13:51:47-05:00 Jul 23, 2013|SMU Abroad|

By Adam Melson I just touched down in Texas after a breathtaking two months studying abroad in London, England. Through SMU’s abroad office, thirty students and myself, lived studied and interned for a range of business institutions in the United Kingdom. Looking back on those two months I can undoubtedly say they were the best [...]

SMU Abroad: Embracing London

2013-09-05T19:56:31-05:00 Jul 15, 2013|SMU Abroad|

By Carissa Laughlin This summer has been absolutely incredible! All thanks to SMU Abroad combined with the Cox School of Business, I have had the opportunity to live, study, and work abroad this summer in London, England. The first four weeks, I spent taking a class about British culture, government, politics, sports, and anything else [...]

SMU Abroad: Murray at Wimbledon

2013-08-08T13:48:13-05:00 Jul 8, 2013|SMU Abroad|

Ky Kelsey Buttrell I just recently returned to the beautiful U.S.A. from my trip with the SMU-in-London program! On this trip, I visited Scotland, Paris, Whales, Salisbury, and more! I took two college classes that expanded my knowledge and experience immensely while also becoming a world traveler! One of the best experiences, while I was there [...]

SMU Abroad: Greetings from London!

2013-08-08T13:47:10-05:00 Jun 28, 2013|SMU Abroad|

By Laura Spitler One of the absolute best things you can do during your four years of college is study abroad.  SMU offers a plethora of abroad options from four weeks to a whole year, from Bali to Copenhagen – no matter what your major is there is a program for you. As a marketing [...]

SMU Abroad: Learning in London

2012-11-20T20:13:07-06:00 Nov 26, 2012|SMU Abroad|

By Claire Piepenburg Studying abroad is one of the best experiences I’ve had as a student at SMU.  I spent the fall semester of my junior year attending King’s College, an academically notable university located right in the heart of London. I had a wonderful time, met some new friends and visited some amazing places. [...]

SMU Abroad: Europe as a Classroom

2012-11-19T21:32:43-06:00 Nov 19, 2012|SMU Abroad|

By Liz O'Neill I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad for the fall semester of my junior year at SMU in Copenhagen, Denmark with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.  Studying abroad was probably my most amazing experience at SMU thus far.  I learned so much about myself while living abroad, it was a completely [...]

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