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A cappella: Not Just for the Movies

2015-01-07T06:31:39-06:00 Jan 19, 2015|Campus Life|

By Anna Scott Phillips After seeing Pitch Perfect, I had always been infatuated with a cappella groups, but not talented enough to be in one. I admire girls in my grade who can belt a tune to my favorite pop songs. After our monthly meetings as ambassadors, I met a girl named Nadine Kakish. She [...]

Throwback Thursday: G.W. Bush Visits Class

2015-02-13T13:11:52-06:00 Jan 15, 2015|Academics|

By Austin Brown Last semester SMU was lucky enough to have President George Bush on campus to speak about his new book 41: A Portrait Of My Father. It always strikes me how lucky we are as a student body to consistently have opportunities to attend speeches by the former president. Reflecting on this reminded me [...]

The Magic of Pony Ears

2015-02-13T13:13:08-06:00 Jan 12, 2015|Spirit and Traditions|

By Elishah Ramos If you have had the opportunity to spend time on campus, you may or may not have experienced seeing pony ears. Like many other Texas schools, we too have a hand sign, and although it may not be a claw or some horns, we have pony ears. Essentially, to make pony ears, [...]

Declaring a Major: It’s No Minor Decision

2015-01-07T06:28:38-06:00 Jan 5, 2015|Academics|

By Blake Ann Seeker Declaring your college major is a big step in your academic life. Many students, myself among them, remain “undecided” for some time. It’s a good idea to take a variety of classes, weigh options with the help of advisors and professors, or even reach out to the Hegi Family Career Development [...]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2015-01-07T06:25:11-06:00 Dec 25, 2014|General|

By Ryan Herrscher I think I speak for all of the ambassadors here in the Office of Admission at SMU when I say that we are looking forward to the break and time off from our normal responsibilities. No matter how you celebrate, enjoy the time with family and friends and have a fantastic holiday season. [...]

Giving Back through Service

2015-01-07T06:28:19-06:00 Dec 22, 2014|General|

By Julius Henderson One beautiful aspect of college is having the opportunity engage many interests at one time. This fall, I’ve been able to expand my college experience and find new ways to learn through peers and within the Dallas community. Just before Thanksgiving Break this year, I was asked to sit on a success [...]

Both Sides of the Boulevard

2014-12-22T10:46:00-06:00 Dec 19, 2014|Campus Life|

By Liz Crowell It’s easy to become comfortable and stuck with the same routine, the same buildings on campus and the same group of people once you get settled in college. At SMU we have two prominent sides of the boulevard; on the West side you have the renowned Meadows School of the Arts while [...]

Life Around Dallas: D-town Boogie

2015-01-07T06:16:42-06:00 Dec 17, 2014|Life Around Dallas|

By Austin Whittle Dallas is no stranger to the music scene. Headline artists such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Drake and Lil Wayne have all made recent appearances in the Big D. Although not as well known as the artists I have previously mentioned, Echosmith, The Mowgli’s, and American Authors came to town as well, and [...]

On the Way Out: A Senior’s Perspective

2015-01-07T06:14:04-06:00 Dec 15, 2014|General|

By John Morrow It’s a bittersweet place in which I find myself—two days away from my last undergraduate final exam. Although I won’t participate in graduation ceremonies until May due to a full-time internship next semester, my undergraduate education at SMU will effectively come to an end when I turn that last test on Wednesday [...]

Taking a Study Break with Meadows Performances

2015-01-07T06:11:45-06:00 Dec 12, 2014|Campus Life|

​By Katelyn Hall I'm a journalism major in Meadows School of the Arts, but I'll tell you one thing: I'm not artsy. I can't draw, I'm tone deaf, and I trip on my own feet. But my artistic deficiencies make me appreciate the work my peers in Meadows do even more. I have friends doing a gallery [...]

Pony Up, Mr. President

2015-01-07T06:14:46-06:00 Dec 10, 2014|Campus Life|

By Carissa Laughlin I was very fortunate as a student at SMU to have the opportunity to attend a presentation from former President George W. Bush about his new book, 41: A Portrait of My Father. This opportunity was provided to me from the Hunt Leadership Scholars program and the generosity of the Hunt family. [...]

Celebration of Lights: Behind the Scenes

2015-01-07T06:10:52-06:00 Dec 8, 2014|Campus Life|

By Jack Murphy Without a doubt, one of the most popular traditions SMU hosts in the winter is the famed "Celebration of Lights."  Students since the 1970s will talk about their magical experience singing along to Christmas carols with their friends while sipping on hot chocolate on the steps of Dallas Hall.  I am proud to [...]

Celebration of Lights: A Senior’s Perspective

2014-12-11T19:20:00-06:00 Dec 5, 2014|Campus Life|

By Taylor Thompson With finals approaching (actually, they start in 3 days, yikes!) it’s always nice to take a break with friends to celebrate the holidays. My favorite tradition that we have on campus is Celebration of Lights. Students, faculty, staff, and families from about the Park Cities all come together on Dallas Hall Lawn [...]

Celebration of Lights: A Holiday Tradition

2014-12-11T19:21:50-06:00 Dec 3, 2014|Campus Life|

By Melody Davis It’s time for finals now for SMU students – which means late nights studying, extra coffee, stress to pull off those good grades; no surprise there. But finals time also means something else on campus for SMU: Celebration of Lights. This past Monday, I celebrated my fourth but hopefully not last Celebration [...]

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