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Texas’s Taco Obsession

Dallas’s history with Tex-Mex cuisine dates back almost 100 years. The nation’s oldest chain of Mexican restaurants, El Fenix, was founded here in 1916 and began serving a unique Mexican-American culinary experience in 1918. Since then, our city’s love affair with Tex-Mex and tacos in particular has only grown. The tortilla-wrapped dish can be purchased everywhere from food trucks to bistro-style restaurants and SMU is situated in a prime location in Dallas to explore all of the choices. Below are some of my favorite spots!

  • Torchy’s Tacos – Located right across North Central Expressway on SMU Boulevard, Torchy’s Tacos is a staple in the taco community. Start your meal with an order of the Green Chile Queso (comes with a delicious dollop of guac!) and choose 2-3 tacos to round out your meal. The “Trashy Trailer Park” is a huge crowd-pleaser and the featured Tacos of the Month are usually worth a try. If you have any room at the end of your meal, the Lil Nookies (deep-friend chocolate chip cookie balls topped with powdered sugar) are a heavenly way to wrap up your experience.


  • El Come Taco – This family-owned taqueria is less than 3 miles from campus and offers a strong selection of authentic street-style tacos. The cozy establishment is the perfect place to relax after a long day and enjoy some of the freshest tacos Dallas has to offer! You can’t go wrong with the Tacos de Pescado (Fish Tacos) or Tacos Al Pastor accompanied by Valentina hot sauce (pictured below).



  • Chile Pepper Grill – Every Tuesday and Thursday of the school year, food trucks set up on campus at the Flagpole and one of the best is Chile Pepper Grill. The Fort Worth-based food truck serves up delicious street-style tacos and torta sandwiches that make for a flavorful and filling lunch. The Suadero (Mexican Brisket) and Hawaiian tacos are unique choices that never get tired.


-Jessica Mitchell

By Bridget Anderson