Life Around Dallas

From a Tour Guide on Campus to a Tourist in a Carriage

10-16-taylor-nickens-1This semester, as a senior, I had the privilege of spending Family Weekend with my mom and sisters! Despite the distance from Philadelphia, they flew over 1,400 miles to enjoy my final SMU Family Weekend with me. After class on Friday I introduced them to the football traditions on the boulevard, and SMU’s mascot, Peruna, on the football field. My younger sister fell in love with SMU’s spirit and Peruna’s spunk!

10-16-taylor-nickens-3After giving my family a tour of SMU, as I would to aspiring students, we enjoyed some lunch and a stroll in the beautiful city of downtown Dallas. We visited the historic JFK memorial and walked through Dealey Plaza next to the JFK museum. En route to the aquarium was the moment I became a tourist rather than a tour guide. While waiting at a red light we realized a beautiful black horse pulling a Cinderella carriage stood to our left. Within minutes, my family and I were touring downtown Dallas by the majestic Bella and her handler.

I enjoyed learning the history of the modernized and continuously growing city of Dallas, Texas. To any families looking to explore the wonders of downtown Dallas that surround the SMU community, I highly recommend a horse and carriage ride. It’s such a treat to still find new and interesting things to do in Dallas after spending the past three years here. The many diverse communities surrounding SMU give its students endless options. As a whole, my senior Family weekend was a huge success, and I found a new activity to add to my recommendation list!

-Taylor Nickens.

By Bridget Anderson