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Heading Down Under

I am super excited about going abroad next semester! I will be studying at the University of Sydney in Australia! This will be my second time studying abroad. My freshmen year I studied abroad in Paris, France, Oxford, England and Cambridge, England. I loved my summer abroad and I knew I had to go abroad again! Next summer I will be interning in Brazil (Rio), so I decided Australia was the next place to go.

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I will be leaving for Sydney in February 2016 and will be staying there until June. I plan on traveling quite a bit around the surrounding countries. I have already purchased tickets to Vietnam, Bali, Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand! Next semester is sure to be an adventure. I would love to pick up surfing while living in Sydney and I have to go hang-gliding in New Zealand.
The University of Sydney has a very prominent business school and it was super easy to get classes approved through SMU’s Cox School of Business as transfer credits. I will be taking a few accounting classes and cultural classes while in Sydney. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the endless plane ride.
More than 50% of SMU’s students study abroad during their undergraduate experience and I think it is vital in order to have an all-encompassing undergraduate experience. Because I am working in Rio next summer, I will not be back in the states until August so it will be a stretch. I could not be more excited, I guess all that’s left to do…. is pack!
-Kaleb Lee

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