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Reflections of a Grad Student

Today marks exactly five months and eight days since I walked across the stage in Moody Coliseum to receive my bachelor’s degree from SMU. Not that I’m counting or anything. I always shrugged off all the “it goes by so fast” warnings from people slightly older than me. Man, were they spot on or what?

However, I consider myself lucky to have the chance to stick around one extra year to get my master’s degree. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for allowing me to prolong, if only for one more year, my transition into the real world! I’ll be honest. I get a little nostalgic when walking amongst undergrads discussing their plans for the Boulevard, Brown Bag dance series, and the Annual On-Campus Concert to name only a few of our traditions during the fall semester.

Observing how much younger students are enjoying their experience brings back waves of personal memories from when I was in their shoes and makes me proud to call myself an alumni of this great university. In my four plus years I’ve seen so much growth and improvement of our campus facilities as well as the quality of each successive incoming class. Construction seems to never end, and the test scores of our incoming students continues to creep upwards. Constant improvement has become core to SMU’s culture, and makes me excited to watch what happens next during SMU’s second century.

-John Morrow



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