SMU Releases New Vaccination Self-Reporting Survey

Dear SMU Community,

Like most universities in Texas, we’re patiently waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine allotment from the state. With this past weekend’s news of the Food and Drug Administration granting Emergency Use Authorization of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine candidate, we’re optimistic some of the supply issues are being alleviated.

Each week, SMU requests an allotment from the State of Texas. To assess the quantity and doses that best meet the needs of our campus, it is important to know how many people have already been vaccinated or are scheduled to get either a single dose of the Johnson and Johnson or the first and/or second doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines. Please take a minute to fill out the self-reporting survey on this page – and keep it up to date – to report your vaccination progress.

Also, if you receive the vaccine in the future at an off-campus location, please update your vaccination status by completing the same survey. If you have not received the vaccine and are still unsure about which eligibility phase you fall into, the guided survey on the same page may also be helpful for you.

Providing information for this survey is voluntary, but is critically important to SMU’s efforts to manage the health and safety of the SMU community. Your willingness to assist SMU by sharing your vaccine status is appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation.  

SMU COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Dear SMU Community,

Welcome back to the Hilltop for the spring 2021 semester. Many of you have been asking when the COVID-19 vaccine will arrive on campus and how it will be distributed to our SMU community. It’s not here yet. SMU has requested allocations under the state’s first and second distribution phases but has not received confirmation of when we might receive our first allotment or how many doses to expect.

Last week, the state updated its ordering system, and the University made the required formal request through that process. Rest assured, when the vaccine does arrive, we’ll be ready. You may have noticed the large white tent near the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center that will serve as our campus Vaccination Site. We have our system in place and will follow state guidelines in making the vaccine available, beginning with the 1A phase designated for campus health care workers and police. Next, the 1B phase will prioritize people 65+ and/or those with underlying medical conditions who are directly on campus. Students who fit in this category are also included along with faculty and staff.

For more details on how it will work, check out the new vaccination page on the Mustang Strong website. You’ll soon find a survey to help determine your eligibility phase, as well as steps on how to register for and receive the vaccine when the time comes. It also contains answers to frequently asked questions you may have. A map is available to help you find the Vaccination Site and additional parking spaces if needed.

Please note, we will not be registering for or scheduling vaccination appointments until the vaccine arrives on campus. However, you can help our planning efforts by confirming that your contact information is up to date in SMU’s registry. The Health Center will be using your mobile number and SMU email for communications regarding your appointment. To update your information, go to, click on the Profile tile to review, and verify it. If incorrect, click ‘change number’ and make the necessary edits so that you can be sure to receive notifications about the vaccine.

While we hope to be offering the vaccines on campus in the near future, we encourage you to take advantage of the first opportunity to get it regardless of whether it is through SMU or another provider. Visit the Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Locations map for additional vaccination sites and availability.

Along with COVID-19 testing for students available through the Health Center, another quick and easy option for the next month is the Curative kiosk. It uses a self-administered oral swab to collect the test sample at no cost to SMU students, faculty, staff as well as the public. Appointments are required, and you will be asked to provide insurance. Testing is available seven days a week at the kiosk located near the Airline Parking structure at 6501 Airline Court. When you go for the test, scan the QR code on the sign to share your results with SMU.

Whether you’ve received the vaccine or are still waiting to get it, it’s important to continue with the healthy behaviors outlined in our Pledge to Protect. Mask up and Pony up to Stay Mustang Strong.


Randolph Jones

Executive Director, Dr. Bob Smith Health Center

SMU COVID-19 Vaccination Plans

January 8, 2021

Dear SMU Community,

SMU has received approval from the state to be a COVID-19 vaccination provider for the campus community. Initial supplies allocated to our campus have not arrived yet but are expected in the near future. The Dr. Bob Smith Health Center will administer the vaccine in phases according to the state’s vaccination plan. The first phase (1A) allotment of a limited supply of doses is designated for campus health care workers and SMU police.

As SMU receives additional allotments, distribution to the campus community will follow the state’s 1B guidelines which prioritize both people who are 65 and older and/or who have at least one chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk from COVID-19. This includes students, faculty and staff who fall into either category. SMU employees who were required to work on campus during the pandemic’s “essential workers only” operation last spring are eligible to receive the vaccine next in this phase of distribution.

State health officials have emphasized that no vaccine should be kept in reserve. The University will, therefore, make the vaccine available to next-level eligibility groups once the current phase has been served rather than allowing vaccines to expire.

Plans are in place to offer the vaccine to all faculty, staff, adjunct faculty and students as well as dependents of SMU employees and retirees as supplies become available. However, we encourage you to take advantage of the first opportunity to receive the vaccine regardless of whether it is through SMU or another provider. Check with your primary care physician or pharmacist or visit the Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Locations map for additional vaccination sites and availability.

More information on when the allotments will arrive on campus as well as how to register for the vaccine will be forthcoming. SMU strongly encourages every member of our campus community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to stay Mustang Strong.


Dr. Randy Jones

Executive Director Health Services

Dr. Bob Smith Health Center, SMU

COVID-19 Vaccinations Coming to SMU

Dear SMU Community,

SMU is pleased to announce that the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center will be a provider of the COVID-19 vaccination for the campus community. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved an emergency authorization for a vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech.

The Texas Department of State Health Services will be laying out specific procedures and timelines for distribution. Initial allocation of doses will be limited and will focus on health care workers (starting with inpatient facilities), frontline responders and vulnerable/high risk populations.  

Our Health Center will administer the vaccine in phases according to the State’s guiding principles for distribution. Supplies allocated to our campus are not expected until after the first of the year, but vaccination plans are in place for when they arrive. Our campus health care workers and frontline responders – Health Center employees and SMU police ­– will receive the initial allotment of vaccines, followed by members of the SMU community, as directed by county and state health officials. Plans are in place to make the vaccination available to spouses and dependents of SMU employees as well.

More information on what to expect and how to register for the vaccine will be forthcoming, but we wanted to let you know that SMU is making this important preventive measure available to our employees and students. We strongly encourage all members of the SMU community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when available, and help us all stay Mustang Strong.


Randy Jones

Executive Director, Dr. Bob Smith Health Center