Will I be required to wear a face covering?

Yes. SMU is now requiring that everyone on the SMU campus wear a face covering over the mouth and nose in all public indoor spaces at least through Aug. 4. This requirement—in accordance with the latest Dallas County ordinance—includes classrooms; building entrances and exits; lobbies and lounges; as well as in hallways, stairwells, restrooms and elevators and also extends to SMU’s Meadows Museum – both for staff and visitors.

Students enrolled in the Summer II session will be required to wear face coverings in their classrooms. In addition, for the following fall semester faculty members are authorized to require face coverings in their classrooms. All faculty will have access to disposable face coverings to provide to students who forget to bring one to class.

Face coverings are not required outdoors, in private spaces such as inside an office or partitioned cubicle for employees, or inside an individual residence hall room for students.

What will classes be like on campus this fall?

Most SMU courses will be offered in-person, on campus, but some classes will follow a hybrid model, providing a virtual, off-site component and staggered attendance schedules. They’ll be taught in-person as well as online simultaneously to accommodate international students facing travel restrictions or students with health conditions that may keep them from class. The classes will also be recorded to offer greater flexibility for online students who may live in dramatically different time zones, or so students can re-watch if it’s helpful.

For classes where students are participating online, all tests will be administered online so that every student’s progress is measured under the same circumstances.

A few courses, such as large lecture classes, may be online-only. Other small classes will be offered in-person, only, in spaces adequate to health and safety guidelines. Special accommodations will be made for students in the performing arts.

Does SMU plan to have football games and other athletic team events this fall?

We are planning for athletics on campus this fall. The health and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans is our highest priority. Athletics is following the guidance from SMU officials, the NCAA, the American Athletic Conference, state and local public health departments and medical experts to establish appropriate safety measures for practice and competition sites.

Is SMU planning to open this fall?

Yes, SMU intends to safely open our University for on-campus teaching, learning and student living for the fall semester. We will work within the boundaries of governmental guidelines and every phase of our return to campus will launch with the health and safety of our campus population in mind, using data and verifiable research to make good decisions. We are examining how we will safely gather and learn together in the age of social distancing. The President’s Task Force for a Healthy Opening Fall 2020 is mapping out plans for managing the density of our campus population, from the classrooms to the residence halls. The start of this new academic year will be different in some ways, but what makes us SMU will stay the same. 

How can I volunteer to help students whose senior year, admissions process or internships have been disrupted due to the spread of COVID-19?

Volunteer opportunities exist for alumni who want to provide summer internships for students displaced by travel restrictions. Alumni can also help create a virtual Hilltop environment that further encourages graduating seniors during their final semester and gives admitted students an extraordinary welcome to the SMU family. Email smualum@smu.edu for more information on how to submit your video or send your well wishes.

Can visitors come to campus?

Visitors are currently welcome to campus on a limited basis. Exterior building doors will remain locked, requiring those hosting visitors to make special arrangements to provide them with access.

Facilities that welcome visitors as a general course of business will need to create plans to open that to meet any federal, state, or local requirements specific to their function and should plan to be open to visitors by July 6, 2020.  Examples of these campus facilities are the libraries, the Meadows Museum and Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports.

What is the SMU alumni community doing during this time?

The alumni community continues to be a source of information and inspiration. If you’re looking to stay connected with the SMU community, visit the SMU Network, an online social space by Mustangs for Mustangs. There you will be able to add value while you connect with other alumni and current students, find Mustang businesses to support or promote your own, identify yourself as a mentor or find one and much more.

How do I sign up to receive SMU alerts by text?

Parents may register for SMU Alert by texting SMUParent to 888777. Visitors may register for SMU Alert by texting SMUVisitor to 888777. Check out the Office of Risk Management site for more information.

SMU students, faculty, and staff should already be signed up, but may login to my.smu.edu to add/update their SMU Alert contact information.