SMU Releases New Vaccination Self-Reporting Survey

Dear SMU Community,

Like most universities in Texas, we’re patiently waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine allotment from the state. With this past weekend’s news of the Food and Drug Administration granting Emergency Use Authorization of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine candidate, we’re optimistic some of the supply issues are being alleviated.

Each week, SMU requests an allotment from the State of Texas. To assess the quantity and doses that best meet the needs of our campus, it is important to know how many people have already been vaccinated or are scheduled to get either a single dose of the Johnson and Johnson or the first and/or second doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines. Please take a minute to fill out the self-reporting survey on this page – and keep it up to date – to report your vaccination progress.

Also, if you receive the vaccine in the future at an off-campus location, please update your vaccination status by completing the same survey. If you have not received the vaccine and are still unsure about which eligibility phase you fall into, the guided survey on the same page may also be helpful for you.

Providing information for this survey is voluntary, but is critically important to SMU’s efforts to manage the health and safety of the SMU community. Your willingness to assist SMU by sharing your vaccine status is appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation.