Geothermal pipeline being vented.

SMU geothermal scientist Maria Richards to guide global energy organization

Maria Richards, coordinator of the SMU Geothermal Laboratory , has been named president-elect of the Geothermal Resources Council.

Richards will be the 26th president of the global energy organization in 2017. She’s been at the forefront of SMU’s renowned geothermal energy research for more than a decade, and the University’s mapping of North American geothermal resources is the baseline for U.S. geothermal energy exploration. Continue reading

Jacobs, whale fossil, 17 million ya, SMU17 million-year-old whale fossil provides 1st exact date for East Africa’s puzzling uplift. Continue reading →
SMU, seismic monitors, Stump, DeShon, earthquakes, North TexasSMU analysis of recent North Texas earthquake sequence reveals geologic fault, epicenters in Irving and West Dallas. Continue reading →
bitcoin, scams, fraud, SMU, Tyler Moore, cyber currencyBitcoin scams steal at least $11 million in virtual deposits from unsuspecting customers. Continue reading →
girls, virtual reality, say no, sexual violence, assertiveness training, Rowe, Jouriles, McDonald, SMUTeen girls report less sexual victimization after virtual reality assertiveness training. Continue reading →

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