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Help wanted: Principals who embrace change

Training principals for new roles is key to new U.S. Department of Education school reforms, according to a new report by researchers at Southern Methodist University.

But insufficient training and support enabling principals to meet these new expectations is leading to a leadership crisis. Twenty percent of newly minted principals leave the profession after two years, and seasoned professionals are opting for early retirement. Continue reading

Gamma Ray BurstObserved by Texas telescope: Light from huge explosion 12 billion years ago reaches Earth. Continue reading →
Allor, SMU, reading, low IQ, intellectual disabilitiesLow IQ students learn to read at 1st-grade level after persistent, intensive instruction. Continue reading →
Fossil-bed-150x120 copyRichest marine reptile fossil bed along Africa’s South Atlantic coast is dated at 71.5 mya. Continue reading →
Comet, Meltzer, SMU, Clovis, boundary layersComet theory false; doesn’t explain cold snap at the end of the Ice Age, Clovis changes or mass animal extinction. Continue reading →

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