b2By An Phan

It took me three years to find it, but I finally did.  Tucked away in Oak Cliff, a neighborhood of Dallas, there is a lively, artsy area called Bishops Arts District.  It has yummy food, cute boutiques, and a trendy clientele.   Here are my favorites from the area:


Dude Sweet Chocolate

I always thought gourmet chocolate places were cool and everything, but I never understood how they could be amazing until I tried Dude Sweet’s chocolate.  They add the weirdest flavors- like salami and mushroom to dark chocolate and it tastes…amazing.  Literally like an explosion of flavor in your mouth.  It’s unbelievable.  I bought the “fruity crack”, which is just cherries and other fruits covered by dark chocolate- nice and simple, but perfect.  The great thing about this place is that the let you sample everything- which is every kid’s dream.  Just sayin’. Check it out.


Ok so I waited for 45 minutes to have brunch here on Sunday.  Worth it.  I sure did wonder if all of the customers drove all the way out there just to have brunch, though.  I ordered the chicken and waffles and the beignets.  The beignets were definitely something else; they had a real honey glaze and lemon juice, which gave them a very unique flavor.  The chicken was mighty tender, too.  As a brunch foodie (and all meals foodie), I would say that this is my favorite brunch place in Dallas.