PHOTOS: Expanding the University’s High Performance Computing

In 2015, funds saved through SMU’s Operational Excellence efforts were allocated to expand the University’s high performance computing (HPC) capacity. These funds were designated to ensure the SMU Center for Scientific Computing is accessible to faculty for research 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

OIT Director of Systems Allen Hughes captured the following images when the HPC expansion, named ManeFrame II, was installed earlier this semester.

The new High Performance Compute Cluster was delivered as individual components involving dozens of trucks delivering equipment over several weeks starting January 3, 2017.
Over 90 pallets of equipment were unloaded, inventoried, sorted into groups and staged for assembly.
Equipment is installed in the appropriate predefined location in each of the 22 cabinets housing the new Maneframe II HPC Cluster.
Wide angle view of five (5) compute cabinets. Note all the cabling required to connect the nodes to each other, to the storage systems and to the management nodes that control the flow of work dispatched by the SMU Research Community.
Amit Kumar and Richard England work with vendor to install the cluster management software that will improve operational effectiveness of the system.

By Nick Rallo