The Staples Advantage Change for Shoppers

Staples Advantage is SMU’s exclusive provider for purchasing office supplies.  Staples Advantage has replaced the View Only Shoppers site with Individual Shopper Accounts 

To SHOP OR BROWSE for office supplies you must register and set-up an Individual Shopper account to access SMU items and pricing. 

Continuing the current process, only Authorized Users have access to place office supply orders.  The order process will remain the same for each building.  

Contact Cathy Hechman if you do not know who your Authorized User is. 

 Steps to set up Individual Shopper Account


Click to register with Staples Advantage. Use your SMU email address (no personal emails). See Reference PDF. 


You will receive a Welcome Email from “Staples Business Advantage Support” with your log-in information. See Reference Welcome Email sample.

KEY POINTS in the Welcome Email:


Email will have a live link to access the correct site. Bookmark the page.

  • ACCOUNT #:  1823718DAL 

Input the SMU account # for the initial account set-up

User ID is the SMU email address you entered on the registration page.

  • PASSWORD:   Staples1

Temporary password. You must change the temporary password the first time you log in.  Passwords are case sensitive.

Contact Cathy Hechman, Senior Buyer, for questions regarding this change.

By Nick Rallo