Human Resources Initiative

humanresources-leadAs SMU continues to work toward its goal of long-term economic vitality, it is not only implementing initiatives begun over the past year under OE2C but new initiatives under the Office of Operational Excellence. A new Human Resources Initiative is now under way that will focus primarily on process improvements and will include a complete staff Compensation Study. Sheri Starkey, associate vice president for Human Resources and chief HR administrator, will serve as project manager. Vice President of Business and Finance Chris Regis serves as the executive sponsor. Throughout the process, contacts from schools and administrative units will be asked for input, feedback and information and to serve as pilot groups.

The HR Initiative’s work will focus on making improvements in five areas, including payroll workflow, recruitment, compensation, classification and performance reviews. The plans for each are as follows:

  1. Electronic Forms
    Improve workflow between HR, payroll and hiring departments with electronic forms:
    • Work with OIT and Gideon Taylor Consulting, a national PeopleSoft consulting and custom solutions provider, to implement an electronic Payroll Authorization Form (e-PAF)
  2. Recruitment
    Reduce the administrative burden of hiring staff:
    • Fully implement an HR business partner model to reduce the burden of screening applicants and enhance staffing plans.
    • Implement Taleo software (PeopleSoft compatible), which will improve workflow and eliminate most of the current, paper-driven processes.
    • Implement new policy and procedures for managing temporary employees.
  3. Compensation Study
    Engage outside consulting agency to conduct a full review of staff compensation structures, processes and comparison to market:
    • Utilize consultation expertise to review and develop recommendations to update policies, compensation structures and procedures.
    • Utilize benchmark data to develop strategies per unit, to address equity and market gaps.
  4. Compensation & Classification Systems
    Implement PeopleSoft Compensation Module:
    • Work with OIT to implement the module.
    • Train internal HR staff to adapt workflow enhancements to improve overall position management practices.
    • Use recommendations from the Compensation Study to address salary issues per unit.
  5. Performance Review System
    Implement PeopleSoft Performance Management module:
    • Work with OIT to implement the module.
    • Engage key hiring managers to refine implementation strategies.
    • Implement new performance review process and full training plan.

Human Resources Team Members

The Human Resources Initiative team, which will be supplemented by additional HR staff as needed, includes:

Danielle Bickerstaff – HR

Mai Bui-HR

Vicki Bumgarder – Financial Compliance

Pery Doan-IT

Curt Herridge-IT

Ron Lujan-IT

Rhiannon Roark-HR

Marjorie Rush-Payroll

Rebecca Sampson-HR

Betsy Sedeno-IT

Lorea Seidel-HR

Mary Stall-HR

Samantha Tallone-IT