Procurement Initiative

Procurementgraph_newNRIn fiscal year 2013, SMU spent $150 million on recurring goods and services such as business services, food and office supplies. To help the University realize $11 – 15 million in annual savings, the Procurement initiative began its work on November 6, 2014. The Procurement initiative team aims to help the University realize $11-15 million in annual savings by both delivering quick savings in a few specific spending categories and designing a high performing purchasing organization.

Sub-Teams +

The Procurement Initiative team is further divided into two sub-teams. The Fast-Track Savings team will identify opportunities for quick savings, create a strategy for achieving savings for each procurement category and implement new strategies throughout the University. The Procurement Organization team will assess SMU’s current purchasing decisions rights, tools and processes, design a best-in-class procurement organization for SMU and evaluate the need for an e-procurement system.

Leadership & Team Members +

Executive Sponsors: Dr. Al Niemi, dean of the Cox School of Business and Project Manager: Dawn Norris, executive director of Student Life

Advisors: John O’Connor and Terry Conner, director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Team members:

Fast Track Savings

  • Team Lead: Dawn Norris (Student Life)
  • Patrick Cullen (Campus Services)
  • Ellen Frost (Bridwell)
  • Cathy Heckman (Purchasing)
  • Abby Kinney (OIT)
  • Justin Trombold (Simmons)

Procurement Organization

  • Team Lead: Donna Cotter (CUL)
  • Windy Epperson (A/P)
  • Anel Reyna (OIT)
  • Carmela Wells (G&C Accounting)

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