December-January News and Highlights

OE2C-month-leadThe Office of Operational Excellence’s website can now be found here. Please make sure you are a subscriber to receive updates on Operational Excellence (not to exceed more than one update a week) including details on the new Human Resources Initiative focusing on improving processes and updates on Graduate Application Processing. 

The IT Department provided an extensive update to faculty and staff campus-wide on how all requests are being handled  now that the department has implemented a Shared Services model. It explained detailed contact information for obtaining classroom emergency support, reporting issues or requesting assistance, noting that the Help Desk is now fully staffed and is quickly reviewing all incoming support requests. In January, the IT Department also began creating reports for each school on campus summarizing the support provided to the school and sending the reports to the respective deans; it hopes to provide these reports quarterly.

The Office of Operational Excellence also addressed two questions regarding Concur booking fees and how to view approved reports in Concur, and two questions regarding contacts and org charts for the Finance Department now that it has moved to a Shared Services model.

Featured News

An IT Shared Services Update: How to Find Help

Having trouble with email, Word or Adobe? Need classroom support in a hurry? The IT Department gives you the numbers to call. Read more.


How does using Concur and CBT result in savings when there is a $26 fee when booking through CBT?

I am an org owner and need to be able to view travel requests and reports that I have previously approved for tracking purposes.  Can I view approved reports in Concur?

Who are my contacts for Shared Services in finance?

How can I find an organizational chart for shared services’ finance initiative?

By Nick Rallo