SMU Travel, Simplified


The basic process, approval for your trip, booking transportation and lodging and creating your expense report, is outlined below. If you have any questions, please email us at

Approval – Submit a travel request through Concur:

· The org owner approves travel requests in advance.
· A travel request provides a reasonable estimate of the full cost of the trip, including transportation, lodging and meals.
· Remember to make a note of the request ID for future use during the booking process.
· Look for an email confirming when the travel request has been approved.

Book – your travel through Concur:

• Select air, hotel and rental car options.
• Look for travel options that include a green icon that indicates the rates are within policy.
• For a quick five-minute tutorial, visit this page.

Create – a travel expense report:

· When the trip is complete, create a travel expense report to document expenses charged to your SMU Card or to request reimbursement.
· Use your phone to take pictures of receipts to upload to Concur.
· Match expenses and receipts to create a report.
· Submit the report for approval and reimbursement.

Detailed – instructions (web demonstrations, screen shots, step-by-step instructions) can be found here.


By Nick Rallo