Your Monthly Guide: OE2C News and Highlights (October, 2015)

OE2C October News & Highlights

In October, the OE2C Office worked behind the scenes to support ongoing Shared Services leaders and Procurement savings progress. A look at the future of the OE2C project and an interview with Shannon Brown, SMU’s new director of purchasing,  were posted on the website to give SMU faculty and staff an idea about the direction of the work and the leadership making it happen.

The OE2C Council met on October 20 and talked to Shannon Brown about new directions for purchasing and procurement at SMU. Many good questions were asked throughout the meeting, giving the OE2C Office an idea of the perceptions of employees from various parts of the University.

Sustaining the Change: The Future of OE2C

Plans to achieve continuous administrative savings at SMU for reallocation to academic initiatives continue with the support of the OE2C Office after the Bain team left campus.

FAQ on Staples pricing and competition

When faculty and staff can find better prices than what Staples offers on items they need, category managers in the Procurement department are eager to help negotiate to get the best possible deal. 

Q&A with Shannon Brown, SMU’s New Director of Purchasing

SMU alumna Shannon Brown talks about her experience and vision for procurement at SMU.


By Nick Rallo