PlayPosit Brings More Features to Course Videos

PlayPosit LogoWe’re always looking for innovative and efficient new ways for faculty to harness technology for their teaching. Recently, OIT and the Academic Technology Council have announced a new pilot program for a new instructional video platform that allows for more interactivity and engagement for online courses.

With the PlayPosit video tool, you can create multiple interactions in a video; including polls, open-ended questions, discussions, and more. Continue reading PlayPosit Brings More Features to Course Videos

Network Storage: The What, Where & When

In the past year or so, a lot has changed here at SMU when it comes to file storage. Locker.SMU has been retired and replaced with Box. Office365 offers OneDrive cloud storage, and OIT still offers several different types of on-site network storage in our data center.

With all of the choices of places to store your important files, you may be wondering which service fits your needs. We have a brief webinar available to show you just that. In this quick 20 minute video, you can learn about all of the available storage resources, how to access them, and when to use each one. Check it out below:

And, as always, feel free to contact the OIT Help Desk for consultation and assistance with all of these services!