Adobe Applications Now Require Sign In

Adobe Creative Cloud folderAdobe recently changed its licensing model for all products.  Unfortunately, this has added complexity to all installations of the software – particularly those in the classrooms or labs.  If you launch any of the Adobe products from a shared computer you’ll be prompted to login.  Don’t panic– it’s a very easy fix! You will simply need to sign in to the Adobe apps with your SMU ID and password to unlock the functionality on that device.  That sign-in will persist during that login session on all Adobe products.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to sign in each time you login to the computer.

Note: If you are simply accessing PDF files from within a web browser, you will not need to sign into the Adobe application. Those should display in the browser window normally. Continue reading Adobe Applications Now Require Sign In

Updates to Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 Licensing

Adobe LogoAdobe, the company behind Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, and many more applications for creatives, recently updated their application licensing technology. Although many of these changes are behind the scenes, a big one is not. Once a user upgrades to Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) 2019, they will be required to use their SMU credentials to log in to access Adobe Creative Cloud Apps and receive future updates.

We are currently working with Adobe to develop methods for this new workflow, but some changes will be made with how we deploy Adobe CC. Over the next few weeks, several critical changes will occur: Continue reading Updates to Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 Licensing

Quick Fix: Updating Adobe Licenses on SMU Computers

Adobe LogoIf your SMU-owned computer has recently alerted you that your Adobe license is expiring, don’t fret! Last week, the enterprise Adobe license key expired.  Prior to the expiration date, a task was sent out via LANDesk to update the license key behind the scenes. This was successful for a large percentage of the clients. However, there are a number of individuals reporting issues with Adobe software on their SMU computers. We have a quick fix for you to get your Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, or other Adobe applications up and running again. Continue reading Quick Fix: Updating Adobe Licenses on SMU Computers

Adobe Makes Lightroom Available for Android


“This is not just a way to get photos from place to place. It lets you maintain your workflow on the mobile device. It can be a tremendous time saver and productivity tool for making edits on the go.”

-Shared Mangalick, senior product manager for photography at Adobe

According to TechNewsWorld, Adobe is expanding their market by now offering a mobile version of Lightroom for Android devices. Last year they released the app for iOS mobile devices. It does not provide the full functionality of the desktop version; however, it allows users to save changes to their photos and sync them back to their desktop.

For more information Lightroom for mobile devices, visit Adobe’s website.