Changing Your SMU Password? Don’t Forget Your Office Telephone

Got a new AudioCodes phone? Don’t forget when you change your SMU Password annually; you also need to sign out of your phone and reenter your new credentials.

New Password? Update it on all devices.

What happens if I don’t sign out?

If you don’t sign out, you can still make calls. However, you immediately lose two pieces of necessary functionality:

  1. When your password has changed but your phone remains logged in under your old credentials, 9-1-1 dispatchers no longer have access to your location. Location information isn’t something you want to try and relay in a crisis.
  2. If you don’t enter your new credentials, your phone cannot launch your calendar or display your upcoming meeting reminders.

How do I sign on to my phone?

Logging on your phone after a password change is an easy process. These instructions along with the complete user guide are available on the Phone Services Wiki.

As always, if you need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at 214-768-4357 or

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Laurene Klassen

Laurene is the Director of SMU’s IT Training & Communications Team. She enjoys reading, writing, and outdoor activities with her family in her spare time.