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Canvas Corner:
February 2021 Edition

Canvas CornerEvery month in Canvas Corner, we discuss the new features and enhancements available in Canvas. This month, we look at new features and changes to the Rich Text Editor, including the HTML formatting and LaTeX equations. We also look at updates to push notifications.

New Rich Text Editor Updates

Pretty HTML Editor

Later this month, the Rich Content Editor will be updated to include a “pretty” HTML editor in addition to the raw HTML editor. Users can switch to the HTML editor by clicking the HTML editor icon – The default being the improved, pretty version of the HTML. You can switch to the existing (raw) HTML editor by clicking the Raw HTML Editor link. Unfortunately, only the Raw HTML Editor is accessible to screen reader users.

Canvas LMS Pretty HTML Editor

MathJax and LaTeX

LaTex exampleStarting on February 20, 2021, LaTeX equations can be entered in any Canvas text field, and MathJax is loaded if Canvas detects an equation image added by delimited LaTeX characters. This will allow users to more efficiently use equations in more areas of Canvas. Equations can be added manually in any text field, such as the title of an assignment or in a calendar event, but must be formatted according to LaTeX specifications. Also, Equations can be created as a block format or an inline format. When saved, MathJax renders the LaTeX equations in the editor window as inline and block text, respectively.

MathJax example

Canvas App Push Notifications

When users open their Notification Preferences page or notifications in a Canvas app, Push notifications are only supported for specific notification categories. As a user, you can adjust your notification preferences by setting up additional supported communication channels within the app. Please review the Canvas Notifications PDF for additional details about Push notifications.


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