Office Time Saver: Using Groups in Microsoft Outlook

I was just composing an email to a number of people I will be writing on a regular basis. Rather than reinserting each individual or wasting time searching for that last sent item and forwarding to all, I decided to create an Outlook group. It takes a few seconds to set up, and if you communicate on a regular basis with a particular group of people, this trick can save you a lot of time.

New Contact GroupTo begin, navigate to your Outlook contacts (People). From the Home tab, select New Contact Group.  Select Add Members and choose the appropriate Address List. Next, name your group and click Save and Close.

When you are ready to write your group, select the To…button, under the address book select Contacts. Next, go to the name of your group, double-click  and click OK.

Your group will display in your email and is available for you to use whenever you need it!


You can easily edit or delete a group by going to your contacts and searching for the group. Once you find the group, right click on the name and select Edit or Delete.

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Laurene Klassen

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