Kim Strelke ’17

Kim Strelke ’17

Student Intern

  • SMU Class of ’17
  • Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
  • Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications & Public Relations
  • Minor in Journalism
  • University Honors Program member
  • Second Century Scholar




“I never knew how much a small group of people could accomplish until I came to the Hunt Institute.  It is amazing to see all of our diverse talents come together to try to tackle problems of poverty in such a unique way.  As a Dallas native, the people of Dallas are near and dear to my heart, so I am passionate about doing my part in trying to make an impact on our community.” – Kim Strelke

Kim graduate from  Southern Methodist University double majoring in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs with specializations in both Organizational Communication and Public Relations.  She also earned a minor in Journalism.

During the summer of 2017, Kim spent six weeks studying and working in London, England, where she interned at Stylus Media Group within their Decoded Fashion branch on the marketing team.  The team worked to promote their upcoming Decoded Fashion and Beauty Summit in New York in November 2017.  She used social media, website, blog posts, and email blasts to promote the event and garner media and community partnerships.

Kim has previously worked with the Hunt Institute as a researcher for food deserts. She was drawn to the Hunt Institute because of its social awareness. Ultimately, she wants to see Dallas become a more stable city, where all families and citizens have opportunity and necessities.  The work the Hunt Institute does focuses on coming up with viable solutions for local communities, and Kim has enjoyed being a part of that solution.


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