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A New Thanksgiving Tradition in 2020

Each year, we celebrate the season of gratitude in the Hunt Institute with a Thanksgiving spread. Typically, I would make a huge pot of stew with homemade rolls and all the side items that help students connect with a home-cooked meal. This year, we are celebrating Thanksgiving with gratitude in our hearts and kindness toward [...]

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Tackling Food Insecurity

Many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving every year by gathering with their family and sharing a hearty feast. As such, it seemed an appropriate time to discuss the issue of food insecurity, which Feeding America defines as, “a household’s inability to provide enough food for every person to live an active, healthy life.” According to the U.S. [...]

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Youth Up Next: Gearing Up the Next Generation of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

The Action Research Center launches YouthUp Next 2.0. to prepare the next generation of global leaders. On November 14th, students started a cutting edge program designed to support young innovators and entrepreneurs.  The Young Social Innovators & Social Entrepreneurs program is designed to foster creativity, innovation, and social entrepreneurship in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area.  Furthermore, [...]

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STEM Up Phase 1: Empowering Engineering for Rural STEM Access

The video above is from SMU's Giving Day in 2019 when the Hunt Institute's project focused on the idea of bringing STEM education resources to rural communities. With motivation from personal experience, Cydney Snyder researched the potential of developing STEM camps in rural areas. STEM Up Phase I: Empowering Engineering for Rural STEM Access focused [...]

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Innovation in Tintinto, The Gambia

Janta's pilot project in Tintinto Village, The Gambia in West Africa. The Gambia is rich with natural resources for clean energy. As the world continues to brace for the unknown while fighting the global pandemic, schools remain closed or partially open all around the world. To make matters worse, in The Gambia, a [...]

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Article Summary: Conquering the Great Divide

In the Fall 2020 issue of the International Monetary Fund’s Finance & Development journal, Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University professor and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences recipient, wrote an opinion piece titled, “Conquering the Great Divide”. In it, Stiglitz shares that the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the gap between the rich and the poor. [...]

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Counting Our Breakthroughs

October is over and November is upon us. Our team at the Hunt Institute continues to push through the normal stress of a college semester, project delays, and constant challenges that seem to pop up out of nowhere – not to mention a historic presidential election and the news of surges in COVID-19 globally. We [...]

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Dallas’ Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan (CECAP)

Five months ago, on May 27, 2020, the Dallas City Council unanimously passed the Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan (CECAP) to outline a plan for addressing environmental issues here in Dallas. According to the World Bank, in 2015, Texas emitted a total of 626,500,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the most of any state [...]

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The Resilient Shelter Project: Phase I

The Resilient Shelter project team is excited to announce the completion of its market analysis report titled Seeking Low-Cost Seismic Protection for Urban Masonry in an Unstable Terrain.  Phase I of the Resilient Shelter Project consisted of a market analysis of low-cost methods for seismic protection, specifically focusing on multi-story buildings in urban areas of [...]

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Social Entrepreneurs Critical to COVID-19 Response

Communities across the world are facing numerous challenges today, from racial injustice to climate change to economic inequality and, of course, the coronavirus. Do you have a sustainable idea that can address one of these issues? Why not start a social enterprise - an organization that uses business methods to achieve a social or environmental [...]

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