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Trees: A Prescription for Dallas

Over the past 100 years, more than a third of the planet’s old-growth forest disappeared. Each year we are losing 4.7 million hectares of forests. This is a problem not only from an environmental but also social and economic perspective. Trees provide important ecosystem services with respect to air quality, climate amelioration, water conservation, soil [...]

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Illuminating Tintinto | Hunt Institute’s Project for SMU Giving Day 2021

Today is SMU Giving Day – the one day of the year for all Mustangs to come together in support of the SMU causes and students we care about most. Giving day is not about how much we each give, it’s about the impact we can make as a collective. The more Mustangs who give, [...]

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Lessons from Summer Internship: Worry Less and Dream More

Many of our student workers were able to spend this summer participating in various internships outside of the Hunt Institute. Students often return from these experiences with a fantastic arsenal of newly acquired skills, ideas, and perspectives. This summer, the undergraduate marketer in the Institute, John Morgan, spent six weeks working as a program specialist [...]

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Mapping the Social Enterprise Ecosystem: a student’s perspective

One of the fantastic opportunities for a select number of student researchers is to work directly with the Executive Director of the Hunt Institute, Dr. Eva Csaky. Our team members engage with the Global Development Lab pillar of the Institute, the Social Enterprise Program (SE), or the Inclusive Economic Consortium (IEC) initiative or work on [...]

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Clyde Valentín : Conversations about Community and Resilience

In this episode of The Hunt Institute Sages & Seekers Podcast, Clyde Valentín tells us how creativity can be used to tell stories and empower people to make their own culture. Clyde Valentín was born and raised in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He is the Co-founder and former Executive Director of Hi-ARTS (formerly known as the [...]

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Cross-Sector Collaboration for a More ‘Just’ Justice System

  Anna Clark, Hunt Institute Fellow and the co-founder of the Inclusive Economy Consortium, wrote this post in response to the June ImpactNights™ event The Hunt Institute, in partnership with the Inclusive Economy Consortium, dedicated its final ImpactNights™ program of the academic year June 17, 2021, to “Freedom Day” with an expert-led look [...]

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Valecia Harris, Hunt Institute Social Enterprise Graduate Program Consultant & Manager

Valecia Harris is an MBA candidate at Southern Methodist University in the Cox School of Business, specializing in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. She serves as President of the Graduate Entrepreneurship Club, Vice President of Program Development for Graduate Women in Business Club, and Vice President of Consulting Club Online Master of Business Administration (OMBA) Engagement. She [...]

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Alia Salem: Conversations about Community and Resilience

In this episode of the Hunt Institute Sages & Seekers podcast, Alia Salem emphasizes the importance of connecting with one's community and beyond. For Salem, the only way to enact change and fight injustice is by supporting movements that are different from our own. Listen to this podcast to learn how we as a global [...]

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HunTalks: The Gambia Energy Project

Mohammed Njie has a mission to bring clean energy to The Gambia. Since his first day at the Hunt Institute, he has been working to make this vision a reality. Mohammed is a senior at Southern Methodist University double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the Lyle School of Engineering. He was the [...]

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Alejandra Hinojosa

Alejandra Hinojosa is currently pursuing a MA in Sustainability and Development with a specialization in Global Sustainable Design and she is intending to graduate in 2022. Alejandra is involved as a board member of non-profit Promise of Peace. In her spare time, she enjoys film, being outdoors, painting, gardening, and thrifting In her role as [...]

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Hunt Institute Senior Tribute Spring 2021

Last team photo prior to the global pandemic, March 2020. Each year in the month of May, there is the bittersweet turnover that is a result of having a team of student workers. We cheer for students completing their education at Southern Methodist University and at the same time, wipe away a tear [...]

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Better Building: Compressed Earth Blocks Report

Image from a compressed earth block project done by Dwell Earth. Dwell Earth’s founder Adam DeJong has a long history of collaboration with Dr. Brett Story, and is a Hunt Institute Associate. For more information, visit their website: “Our society as a whole needs to leverage the forces of globalization, technological advancement, [...]

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