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Trees: A Prescription for Dallas

Over the past 100 years, more than a third of the planet’s old-growth forest disappeared. Each year we are losing 4.7 million hectares of forests. This is a problem not only from an environmental but also social and economic perspective. Trees provide important ecosystem services with respect to air quality, climate amelioration, water conservation, soil [...]

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Illuminating Tintinto | Hunt Institute’s Project for SMU Giving Day 2021

Today is SMU Giving Day – the one day of the year for all Mustangs to come together in support of the SMU causes and students we care about most. Giving day is not about how much we each give, it’s about the impact we can make as a collective. The more Mustangs who give, [...]

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Dr. Sukumaran Nair, Hunt Institute Fellow

Dr. Sukumaran Nair is a Southern Methodist University Distinguished Professor and the founding director of the AT&T Center for Virtualization at SMU. Along with these roles, he has a history of involvement across departments and programs. Namely, he is the founder of the Cyber Security program at SMU, and he was the Chair of the [...]

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DeeDee Conway, Ed.D., Hunt Institute Fellow

DeeDee Conway Ed.D. serves as an Associate Dean at the Lyle School of Engineering and Research Assistant Professor in the Caruth Institute for Engineering Education at Southern Methodist University. DeeDee joins The Hunt Institute team as a Fellow, accompanied by her valuable expertise in education. Her research focuses on engineering education professional development and technical [...]

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Kathy Jack, Ph.D., Hunt Institute Fellow

Katherine Jack, Ph.D., brings her expertise in environmental technologies, sustainable development, and community health and resilience to the Hunt Institute as a newly appointed Fellow. Since 2017, she has served as The Dallas Healthy Cities Program Director for The Nature Conservancy in Texas (TNC), working with community partners to create a climate-resilient Dallas and to [...]

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Summer Internship Experience: Natalie Owings

My time at La Tarte Tropézienne was a reality check on my ambition and my degree. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy my time there, in fact, it was an amazing experience. Unlike a typically discussed experience, my internship was a path towards self-discovery. To start, I was beyond excited to begin this summer work [...]

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Alex Radunsky, Ph.D., Hunt Institute Fellow

Alex Radunsky, Ph.D. joins the Hunt Institute as a Fellow, bringing his expertise in mixed-methods research in public health and health behaviors. Alex is an innovative research scientist and educator who uses complexity aware methods to disentangle health systems challenges, with a particular interest in how technological and scientific innovation can be leveraged for public [...]

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Biodegradable Plastics Research – Where Engineering & Chemistry Intersect for Broader Impact

In the Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity’s Global Development Lab, our interdisciplinary teams made up of students, fellows, faculty, and industry professionals are working to create meaningful solutions to promote resilient humanity, all of which address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Where Engineering & Chemistry Intersect for Broader Impact [...]

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Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions Design Competition Update

Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions (K.I.S.S.)—in partnership with SMU’s Sustainability + Development Program (S+DP), the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity (HI), and three universities in Tanzania—launched an architectural competition for the design of the Rulegura Centre back in 2020. Student teams drafted building plans for the Rulegura Center, which were then evaluated by a panel [...]

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Jin-Ya Huang: Conversations about Community and Resilience

On this episode of the Hunt Institute’s Sages & Seekers Podcast, Jin-Ya Huang discusses the importance of storytelling; her experience founding Break Bread, Break Borders; and what it means to be a social entrepreneur. The Hunt Institute Social Enterprise Program is proud to have Jin-Ya Huang of Break Bread Break Borders (BBBB) as one of [...]

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Anna Clark: Conversations about Community and Resilience

On this episode of the Hunt Institute’s Sages & Seekers Podcast, Anna Clark, president of Heirloom Digital and co-founder of the Inclusive Economy Consortium (IEC), discusses sustainability, storytelling, and starting both the IEC and Heirloom Digital. Anna began her career as a management consultant with PwC Consulting and IBM. In 2005, she founded EarthPeople Media, [...]

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Benjamin J. Vann, Hunt Institute Fellow

As a Fellow in the Hunt Institute, Benjamin J. Vann brings his expertise in finance, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and impact investing, combined with deep grass root social sector experience in community organizing, civic engagement, economic empowerment, and non-profit governance. Benjamin is the Founder and CEO of Impact Ventures, a startup accelerator with a mission to eliminate the [...]

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