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Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions Design Competition Update

Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions (K.I.S.S.)—in partnership with SMU’s Sustainability + Development Program (S+DP), the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity (HI), and three universities in Tanzania—launched an architectural competition for the design of the Rulegura Centre back in 2020. Student teams drafted building plans for the Rulegura Center, which were then evaluated by a panel [...]

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Jin-Ya Huang: Conversations about Community and Resilience

On this episode of the Hunt Institute’s Sages & Seekers Podcast, Jin-Ya Huang discusses the importance of storytelling; her experience founding Break Bread, Break Borders; and what it means to be a social entrepreneur. The Hunt Institute Social Enterprise Program is proud to have Jin-Ya Huang of Break Bread Break Borders (BBBB) as one of [...]

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Summer 2021 Recap

Summer in the Hunt Institute is always an exciting season of transition and growth for our team. Though the summer team is typically smaller with many of our student workers participating in internships or taking summer classes, it was nonetheless encouraging to be able to engage in person with our coworkers after adjusting to a [...]

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STEM Up Phase II Goes to Tintinto, The Gambia

Wilkie Stevenson demonstrates the steps outline the process of building the computer cart. Phase II of STEM Up continues to evolve, featuring a Wi-Fi-generating computer cart to be used in combination with the solar power being produced at Tintinto Primary and Secondary School in The Gambia. Wilkie Stevenson, an alumnus of SMU Lyle [...]

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Mapping the Social Enterprise Ecosystem: a student’s perspective

One of the fantastic opportunities for a select number of student researchers is to work directly with the Executive Director of the Hunt Institute, Dr. Eva Csaky. Our team members engage with the Global Development Lab pillar of the Institute, the Social Enterprise Program (SE), or the Inclusive Economic Consortium (IEC) initiative or work on [...]

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Valecia Harris, Hunt Institute Social Enterprise Graduate Program Consultant & Manager

Valecia Harris is an MBA candidate at Southern Methodist University in the Cox School of Business, specializing in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. She serves as President of the Graduate Entrepreneurship Club, Vice President of Program Development for Graduate Women in Business Club, and Vice President of Consulting Club Online Master of Business Administration (OMBA) Engagement. She [...]

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HunTalks: The Gambia Energy Project

Mohammed Njie has a mission to bring clean energy to The Gambia. Since his first day at the Hunt Institute, he has been working to make this vision a reality. Mohammed is a senior at Southern Methodist University double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the Lyle School of Engineering. He was the [...]

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2021 Social Enterprise Intrapreneur Cohort Update

In our Social Enterprise program, we believe that intrapreneurship can bring together the best of both worlds: the innovation and dynamism of entrepreneurship, and the resources and market platform of existing organizations. Research has repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of intrapreneurship, and an increasing number of organizations are implementing programs to proactively and intentionally encourage intrapreneurship, especially [...]

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Winners of the Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions Design Competition

On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, The Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity hosted an exhibition featuring the various architectural designs created by 17 teams of 31 students from 3 universities competing for 1st prize in the Kijiji Innovation Sustainable Solutions Design Competition. Students, staff, and faculty of Southern Methodist University were invited to view the [...]

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Cutting Edge Youth Summit Continues to Help Youth Leaders Succeed

On Saturday, April 10, 2021, The Action Research Center hosted the annual Cutting Edge Youth Summit. The legendary event celebrates over 12 years of building youth leaders. This year, student leaders from many regions of the United States connected for the virtual Cutting Edge Youth Summit. Students and parents attended from Texas, South Carolina, New [...]

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