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Better Building: Compressed Earth Blocks Report

Image from a compressed earth block project done by Dwell Earth. Dwell Earth’s founder Adam DeJong has a long history of collaboration with Dr. Brett Story, and is a Hunt Institute Associate. For more information, visit their website: “Our society as a whole needs to leverage the forces of globalization, technological advancement, [...]

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2021 SMU Giving Day: The Power of One Person’s Vision

Mohammed Njie envisions a future in which all of Africa has access to reliable, affordable, clean energy in his lifetime. Since his first day at the Hunt Institute, he has been working to make this vision a reality, starting with his home country of The Gambia. Mohammed developed a plan with the help of the [...]

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Illuminating Tintinto | Hunt Institute’s Project for SMU Giving Day 2021

Click Here to Contribute to This Project Today is SMU Giving Day – the one day of the year for all Mustangs to come together in support of the SMU causes and students we care about most. Giving day is not about how much we each give, it’s about the impact we can make as [...]

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STEM Up Phase 1: Empowering Engineering for Rural STEM Access

The video above is from SMU's Giving Day in 2019 when the Hunt Institute's project focused on the idea of bringing STEM education resources to rural communities. With motivation from personal experience, Cydney Snyder researched the potential of developing STEM camps in rural areas. STEM Up Phase I: Empowering Engineering for Rural STEM Access focused [...]

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Innovation in Tintinto, The Gambia

Janta's pilot project in Tintinto Village, The Gambia in West Africa. The Gambia is rich with natural resources for clean energy. As the world continues to brace for the unknown while fighting the global pandemic, schools remain closed or partially open all around the world. To make matters worse, in The Gambia, a [...]

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Counting Our Breakthroughs

October is over and November is upon us. Our team at the Hunt Institute continues to push through the normal stress of a college semester, project delays, and constant challenges that seem to pop up out of nowhere – not to mention a historic presidential election and the news of surges in COVID-19 globally. We [...]

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Improving Engagement with Veteran Women Entrepreneurs

The Hunt Institute's Global Development Lab project with the Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center (VWEC) in Dallas, Texas called Moments that Matter is hosting virtual focus groups with the goal to improve engagement with women veteran entrepreneurs. In order to obtain first-hand information, the project seeks to find veteran women business owners to inform the creation [...]

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Celebrating the 2020 UN Day Global Leadership Award Recipient, Dr. Candice Bledsoe

  The Hunt Institute proudly recognizes the accomplishment of Candice L. Bledsoe, PhD. as the recipient of the 2020 UN Day Global Leadership Award, in the category of Sustainable Development Goal 4, Quality Education. This prestigious award reflects the bold, transformative work Bledsoe has done to advance the United Nations goals for sustainable development, shifting [...]

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The Kijiji Project: Phase I

Phase I of the Kijiji Project was completed over the summer of 2020, with a focus on the development of a sustainable fence for the community center that Clara Ford, Founder and CEO of the Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions (KISS), aspires to build in Kasisa, Tanzania. Over 8000 miles, or an 18-hour flight, from Kasisa, [...]

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The Kijiji Project, Tanzania

The Hunt Institute's Global Development Lab partnered with Jessie Zarazaga, Ph.D, Director of the Master of Arts in Sustainability and Development from Lyle School of Engineering, to work with Clara Ford, Founder, President, and CEO of Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions (KISS) and MASD alumni on what we call the Kijiji Project. Born in Kasisa Village, [...]

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