Student Worker

Alejandra Hinojosa

Alejandra Hinojosa is currently pursuing a MA in Sustainability and Development with a specialization in Global Sustainable Design and she is intending to graduate in 2022. Alejandra is involved as board member of non-profit Promise of Peace. In her spare time, she enjoys film, being outdoors, painting, gardening, and thrifting In her role as Graduate [...]

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Hunt Institute Senior Tribute Spring 2021

Last team photo prior to the global pandemic, March 2020. Each year in the month of May, there is the bittersweet turnover that is a result of having a team of student workers. We cheer for students completing their education at Southern Methodist University and at the same time, wipe away a tear [...]

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Winner of the Water Environment Association of Texas, Student Design Competition 2021

On Tuesday, March 30th, 2021, the Lyle Senior Design Team took First Place in the virtual Student Design Competition, sponsored by the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT).  The regional student design competition is typically held during the annual Texas Water Conference. The winning presentation entitled, “Intercontinental Airport WWTP Improvements and Expansion Project”, consisted of [...]

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Brianna Flores

Brianna Flores is currently pursuing a BFA in Film & Media Arts and a B.A. in Journalism with minors in Arts Management and Photography at SMU, and she is intending to graduate in May of 2023. Brianna is a recipient of the Meadows Artistic Scholarship and Fulton Communication School Scholarship. On campus, Brianna has been [...]

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Matthew Meals

Matthew Meals is currently pursuing an M.S. in Environmental Engineering at SMU and is intending to graduate in December of 2021. Matthew graduated from McKendree University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies in May, 2020. Prior to his work in the Institute, Matthew was an intern for Environmental Consultants, LLC. In his role, Matthew specialized [...]

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Bentley Siner

Bentley Siner is currently pursuing a BBA in Finance and a B.A. in Markets & Culture at SMU, and she is intending to graduate in May of 2023. Bentley is a member of several scholarship programs at SMU: Distinguished Scholars, Leadership Scholars, International Baccalaureate Scholars, Cox Business Direct Admission, and Hilltop Scholars. Bentley is involved [...]

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End of Semester Reflection Fall 2020

Whether delving into sustainable food systems, researching methods of converting waste to energy, or examining the crossroads of 3-D printing and biodegradable plastics, the Hunt Institute is constantly buzzing with solutions to bolster the resilience of the world around us. Even in this challenge-filled semester, several projects in the Institute made great strides toward this [...]

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