STEM Up Phase II Goes to Tintinto, The Gambia

Wilkie Stevenson demonstrates the steps outline the process of building the computer cart. Phase II of STEM Up continues to evolve, featuring a Wi-Fi-generating computer cart to be used in combination with the solar power being produced at Tintinto Primary and Secondary School in The Gambia. Wilkie Stevenson, an alumnus of SMU Lyle [...]

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Julianna Bond, Social Enterprise 2021 Cohort Intrapreneur

Julianna Bond joins the Hunt Institute’s Social Enterprise 2021 Cohort as an Intrapreneur. Her focus is on enabling the enablers: how can consulting firms use their unique position—straddling organizations, industries, and sectors—to accelerate innovation and amplify social impact? Consultancies are already experts in fostering partnerships, disseminating knowledge, coordinating efforts, elevating solutions, and catalyzing change. Within [...]

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Women Artisans and the Case for Handicrafts

As more and more social entrepreneurs show up in industry, both non-profit and for-profit, there is increasing overlap between the initiatives of the Social Enterprise and the Global Development Lab. While this integration will be a primary focus for the Hunt Institute in 2021, the overlap between entrepreneurship and innovation has been evident in past [...]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Technologies

After working at the Hunt Institute over the summer of 2017, Adrienn Santa decided to continue her research in controlled environment agriculture in an attempt to help address the issue of food deserts in urban areas like South Dallas. Adrienn grew up on a family farm in Hungary. She expressed her surprise when she discovered [...]

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Varsha Appaji ’21

Varsha Appaji '21 is a Research Associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Previously, Varsha worked as a Research Analyst in the Hunt Institute. While Varsha studied at SMU, she found her passion at the place where her three majors intersected: critically evaluating the potential mechanisms that can help alleviate socioeconomic inequality. In [...]

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Kelsey Shipman

Kelsey Shipman is a senior at Southern Methodist University working toward a B.S. in Economics, Public Policy, and World Languages (Spanish and Arabic) with minors in Math, Computer Science, History, Human Rights, and Public Policy & International Affairs. She is also a member of the O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom Reading Group, the [...]

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Javier Destarac

Javier A. Destarac is a Senior at Southern Methodist University and is working towards a B.A. in Markets and Cultures.    Javier was born in McAllen, Texas but grew up in Tyler, Texas to a multicultural family speaking Spanish at home and English in school. He enjoys learning from new cultures and helping others. Javier has experience [...]

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