DeAngelo Garner ’18

DeAngelo Garner ’18

Student Intern

  • SMU Class of ’18
  • Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations
  • Minor in Spanish
  • Student Director, Rotunda Academic Scholars Program
  • President, Voices of Inspiration Gospel Choir
  • Resident Assistant, SMU Service House
  • Social Media & Email Chair, SMU Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)


“It has been incredibly impactful to see the effects of my efforts within the Hunt Institute as a student.  Having my hands in projects based in South and West Dallas that directly impact the lives of local residents has been an encouraging learning experience.” – DeAngelo Garner

DeAngelo Garner is a North Texas native and graduated from SMU studying organizational communications, public relations and Spanish. His drive for social impact concerning personal wellness and access and equity was reflected through his extracurricular work on campus.

During his time at SMU, he worked closely with the Office of the Provost to analyze and facilitate initiatives to help with minority retention on campus. He also worked as an Ambassador in the Meadows School of the Arts, as well as the President of the Voices of Inspiration Gospel Choir. Many of his passions have been aligned through his collaboration with various local nonprofit organizations involved in the idea creation of solutions to address community concerns within the food deserts of South and West Dallas.

His work experience and personal goals led him to the Hunt Institute, which gives him the opportunity to engage in various initiatives aimed at improving numerous qualities of human life within underprivileged communities. At the Institute, he worked to update various social media channels for many of their partner organizations. He also managed these partner organizations’ online subscriptions and worked to update the Institute’s documentation concerning its organizational structure.

When not discussing the importance of advocacy and self-care, DeAngelo enjoys playing tennis or reading a book near an open window.


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Written by: Kim Strelke

Edited by: DeAngelo Garner & Maggie Inhofe

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