Inclusive Economy Consortium

Anna Clark: Conversations about Community and Resilience

On this episode of the Hunt Institute’s Sages & Seekers Podcast, Anna Clark, president of Heirloom Digital and co-founder of the Inclusive Economy Consortium (IEC), discusses sustainability, storytelling, and starting both the IEC and Heirloom Digital. Anna began her career as a management consultant with PwC Consulting and IBM. In 2005, she founded EarthPeople Media, [...]

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Summer 2021 Recap

Summer in the Hunt Institute is always an exciting season of transition and growth for our team. Though the summer team is typically smaller with many of our student workers participating in internships or taking summer classes, it was nonetheless encouraging to be able to engage in person with our coworkers after adjusting to a [...]

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Mapping the Social Enterprise Ecosystem: a student’s perspective

One of the fantastic opportunities for a select number of student researchers is to work directly with the Executive Director of the Hunt Institute, Dr. Eva Csaky. Our team members engage with the Global Development Lab pillar of the Institute, the Social Enterprise Program (SE), or the Inclusive Economic Consortium (IEC) initiative or work on [...]

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Trees: A Prescription for Dallas

Over the past 100 years, more than a third of the planet’s old-growth forest disappeared. Each year we are losing 4.7 million hectares of forests. This is a problem not only from an environmental but also social and economic perspective. Trees provide important ecosystem services with respect to air quality, climate amelioration, water conservation, soil [...]

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The Forgotten Fuel: Energy Efficiency in our Homes & Buildings

A Collective Action Program for ImpactNights® The Texas winter storm brought more than subfreezing temps to the state. The power outage left dozens of Texans dead, millions in the dark, and nearly 15 million with water issues. Damages from this storm may exceed the $125 billion in damages from Hurricane Harvey, potentially making it the costliest [...]

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How Civic Journalism Can Restore Trust and Create a More Inclusive Economy ImpactNights

A Collective Action Program for ImpactNights The program for this month’s ImpactNights was facilitated by Anna Clark, Hunt Institute Fellow, and co-founder of the Inclusive Economy Consortium on February the 11, 2021. Anna opened the event with an introduction that set the stage for a timely discussion on civic journalism and its role in rebuilding trust. “The year [...]

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Matthew Sheldon, Social Enterprise 2021 Cohort Intrapreneur

Matthew Sheldon is a highly dynamic individual with experience across corporate communication programs, public relations, investor relations firms, and a passion for combating societal and environmental challenges. Sheldon joined the Hunt Institute’s Social Enterprise 2021 Cohort as a Social Intrapreneur with his project, which focuses on combatting bioplastic waste and decreasing the environmental impact of [...]

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Women Artisans and the Case for Handicrafts

As more and more social entrepreneurs show up in industry, both non-profit and for-profit, there is increasing overlap between the initiatives of the Social Enterprise and the Global Development Lab. While this integration will be a primary focus for the Hunt Institute in 2021, the overlap between entrepreneurship and innovation has been evident in past [...]

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Social Entrepreneurs Critical to COVID-19 Response

Communities across the world are facing numerous challenges today, from racial injustice to climate change to economic inequality and, of course, the coronavirus. Do you have a sustainable idea that can address one of these issues? Why not start a social enterprise - an organization that uses business methods to achieve a social or environmental [...]

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A Food System in Crisis

Fighting climate change and food insecurity are two core issues addressed by Dr. Eva Csaky, Executive Director of the Hunt Institute, co-founder of the Inclusive Economy Consortium (IEC), and creator of the Texas Sustainable & Inclusive Food System Coalition. These organizations are working together to address a food system that is in crisis. Social entrepreneurs [...]

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