When I have business within my own area or with another area of the University, how will I know whom to contact given the position eliminations?

In order to respect the privacy and dignity of our community members in affected positions throughout their transition, we will not be posting or sharing lists of names publicly. In the days that follow notifications in your area, your vice president or dean will be sharing a new organizational structure that will help clarify roles going forward, and if you have any additional questions, your dean or vice president will have the best information.

As departments outside of your area are notified of their changes, a transition period is to be expected as roles and responsibilities are reassigned. When you need to contact people in these areas in the next few weeks, calling the main number for the department may be the best course of action. Though we traditionally hold ourselves to high standards, we may experience a temporary shift in service levels as our organization works through the transition. Deans and vice presidents have designed organizations to maintain or improve service levels, so a focus on providing the best service we can in the immediate future will help us move forward.

By Aayush Chandra

SMU Meadows Marketing & Communications