SMU Linux User Group Arriving in October

Tux, the Linux mascot

The OIT Academic Technology Services is excited to announce the formation of a new Linux User Group (LUG) for SMU. Starting this September October, the LUG will be open to any campus community members who share an interest in the Linux operating system, free and open source software and other related topics—both technical and non-technical.

I really believe that helping to create community experiences—affinity groups—of students or like-minded faculty help create crucibles for exchanging knowledge.” Said Jason Warner, Executive Director of Academic Technology Services. “I’m hoping that the Linux User Group can be such an impactful community, even if just for a handful of students.”

What’s the purpose of the LUG? Like similar groups around the world, the Linux User Group will serve as a resource to Linux users in SMU’s academic community including faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and staff members who simply want to meet and exchange ideas about Linux.  The first few meetings will center on developing ideas as to what agenda should come from later meetings—what tools to look at, what basic or advanced solutions the group should talk about—but above all—the goal is to help build a like-minded community of Linux technology advocates and users on campus.

Throughout the summer, Linux Research Technology Specialist Guillermo Vasquez and Lyle’s Academic Technology Services Director Merlin Wilkerson have been strategizing and planning to offer additional resources to the Linux community by investing time and energy into bringing like-mind Linux minds together regularly to simply talk and share knowledge and ideas. The group is expected to meet monthly this upcoming fall and spring. A website and Slack channel are also in the works to help LUG members stay in touch.

The first SMULUG meeting is scheduled for Monday, Oct 15, 2018, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Junkins, room 110.

Tux by lewing@isc.tamu.edu Larry Ewing and The GIMP. Used with permission.

Update 09/27/2018: Updated to reflect new start date. Added date and time of the first meeting.
10/04/2018: Updated to reflect rescheduled date.

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