Page Changes and Favorites in my.SMU

My.SMUWith the 9.2 upgrade of my.SMU there are several delivered pages which replaced customized pages.  If you previously frequented or saved as favorites in my.SMU, pages such as the Graduate Transfer (GR/TR) App Entry, Batch Transcript, Unofficial Transcript, or the SMU Photo page, you will need to navigate to the new page in my.SMU.

Updated documentation for these pages can be found in the my.SMU Knowledge Base. You’ll also want to reconfigure any favorites you may have saved.

Editing Favorites in my.SMU

Editing favorites in my.SMUTo edit your favorite pages, just follow the directions below.

  1. Click on the NavBar button.
  2. Click the My Favorites button.
  3. Select Edit Favorites located at the top of your favorite list.
  4. On the Edit Favorites page, you can:
    1. reorder your favorites by adding a sequence number.
    2. Delete Rowremove a favorite by clicking the Delete Row button.
  5. Once finished with your changes, click Save.

For questions about my.SMU please contact the Help Desk at 214-768-HELP or

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