Cullen Blanchfield ’21

Cullen Blanchfield graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production with minors in Advertising and Arts Entrepreneurship. Cullen worked in the Hunt Institute as a the Undergraduate Creative Development Lead, functioning as the guardian of the Hunt Institute’s brand. He is an experienced film producer and has made dozens of videos for The Institute as well as various clients throughout Dallas and New York. Cullen has recently begun his career in the advertising industry.

Describing his motivation for working at the Institute, Cullen said, “I get to incorporate and build on my videography skills at the Hunt Institute through creating promotional videos for what we are working on with the Creative Team and the Institute as a whole. Being able to bring the Institute’s messages and events to life visually is crucial to spreading the word about who we are and what we are working on, and I’m very glad to be a part of that process.”

Cullen has been told that he sees things in people and in the world that others often overlook.  As a filmmaker, he strives to create films that connect with the viewer both mentally and emotionally through his keen awareness of people.  It is this ability that drives him to create impactful stories that can perhaps spark creativity and thoughtfulness from his viewers to create change.  It is his goal to elevate stories through the unique opportunities video presents both conceptually and technically.


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