Class of 2022Photo of Daniel Dewan

Web Developer

Computer Science major

SMU Distinguished Scholar 

SMU Discovery Scholarship 

SMU Lyle UG Engineering Scholarship 

SMU Embrey, J Lindsay Scholarship 

SMU SEAS Scholarship 

Desired role in Software Development or Computer Science 

“Many people view programming as monotonous and tedious lines of code. I view it as sort of a fun puzzle. As a programmer, my job is to put together the puzzle pieces required to display anything you want on a monitor. Programming offers me a platform for infinite amount of creativity and exploration.” 

Daniel is a freshman at Southern Methodist University working towards his B. S. Computer Science. He is a recipient of the SMU Discovery, Lyle UG Engineering, and Embrey, J Lindsay Scholarships and is an SMU Distinguished Scholar. 

Daniel was born in Dallas and moved to St. Louis, Missouri when he was two. Throughout high school, Daniel found his passion in science and mathematics, specifically in computer science. Currently, Daniel is working on the technological elements of the Hunt Institute’s web presence.

Next summer, he plans on interning in the computer science industry. After graduation, his goal is to attend graduate school and achieve a Masters in Software Engineering. He hopes to continue his professional career in the computer science and software development industries.